Andre Bauer Meant to Say “Bottom-Feeding Scum”

We still don’t know what it is about South Carolina that reinforces a Culture of Douchebaggery, but Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer is doing his best to keep up with the pack:

In a phone interview with CNN, Bauer, a Republican candidate for governor, said, “I wish I had used a different metaphor.” Bauer told an audience Friday that people receiving government assistance are like “stray animals” because “they breed” and “don’t know any better.”

“I never intended to tie people to animals,” he said, before opting for a kinder animal metaphor: “If you have a cat, if you take it in your house and feed it and love it, what happens when you go out of

Ummm… Ask the neighbors?

You do have neighbors, don’t you?

Or are they avoiding you because you associate with couch-jumping believers in rogue space aliens?

South Carolina Republican regrets ‘stray animal’ metaphor [CNN]

that means people like me who have always “known better” than to “breed” are on his A list, right?

that pic is awsum

All this alien activity in the Carolinas. What does it mean? Johnny Mill kidnapped by an alien, pestorking him and bearing his child. Cruise steps off a spaceship and is greeting by a grinning Lt Gov. What’s up with these guys?

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: You think they go up in the space ship and do it like zero gravity?

@Tommmcatt Say Relax:
when I saw the headline I thought “good lord, what DID he say, ‘bottom licking scum’?”


That woouldn’t really be a plus for buttsex, Chainsaw. You’ll have to trust me on this one.

@Capt Howdy:

I wish he had.

I thought the cat analogy was a veritable Gordian Knot of policy (I mean, seriously what DO you do with your cat – no one ever thought to ask THAT) so I googled and found this quote that seems somehow perfect:

“Turn him to any cause of policy,
The Gordian Knot of it he will unloose,
Familiar as his garter” (Shakespeare, Henry V, Act 1 Scene 1. 45–47)

He probably takes care of his pets on vacation like most Randroids – he leaves a little food, and expects to find a few “missing” when he gets back. Survival of the fittest and all that, ya know?

@Capt Howdy: The famously most incomprehensible scene in Shakespeare. (Actually, I believe that play was reconstructed by the actors, years after the event, while on a serious drunk in a tavern at Shoreditch. OK. I could be wrong about the Shoreditch part). But isn’t Familiar as his garter of a loveliness that shimmers like spring rain off a dachshund?

Yet another GOPer with an excessively revealing metaphor:

So because I disagree on something that’s pushed down my throat, I’m supposed to roll over because, representative, you think it’s normal?

I’m not sure what C-Street frathouse party *he* was thinking of…

Monty Python couldnt do better.

this is south carolina, people. how soon we’ve forgotten their best and brightest young woman……..such as.

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