South Carolina Douchebag Standings

Also available in special-edition Joe Lieberman model.

Entrant Latest Play Analysis
Liar Liar Joe Wilson Raised $1.3 million since calling President a liar And Demrat opponent has raised
$1.5 million. TV sets will be smoking next year in Columbia.
Trail Mix Mark Sanford Claims he hiked the trail for only a weekend Two months on, he’s still the LuvGuv, proving his prowess in the
sexual-political biathlon.
WannaDouche Jim DeMint "Welcome to Waterloo!" Always the douchemaid, never the douche. Whenever he douches, there’s always another Republican to
out-douche him.


Salem Columnist takes a shit from a great height on G.I. “Joe”.

If this guy is correct then the money raised is in large part to Bekc.

It’s some sort of comment when Lindsay Graham isn’t even a finalist.

Oklahoma still brings the most stupid (Inhofe/Coburn/etc.), but South Carolina is still in it.

Isn’t Graham a gay-bashing gay? Can’t he and Bauer qualify at least as a duet in the douchebag competition? Just in the name of fairness and stuff.

@SanFranLefty: I’m saving Lindsey for my upcoming novelization, A Confederacy of Douchebags.

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