We’re Not Saying a Damn Thing

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sings Springsteen at his inaugural ball last night, accompanied by the Missus at right, and a son who looks even more miserable than Scott Brown’s daughters at left.

What? There’s something else notable about the photo? We’ll wait until Christie cuts food stamps to, um, weigh in.

[via PromNight]

That Blues Traveler guy annoys the fuck out of me, even without the sideburns and hat.

On the other hand, check out HFA’s friend who is releasing a cd.


I’ve hired a forensic embouchure analyst to interpret the boy’s expression. Clearly, the analyst opined, the child is recoiling after ‘realizing that his father plotched himself in the course of emitting an extended and apparently devastating fart, possibly reaching for a high note he hasn’t been able to perform since 1974.’ Another analyst is reviewing video tape to see if Christie shook his leg anytime during the performance.

@redmanlaw: Did you know that he was arrested a few years ago with a shitload of weapons in his SUV? I don’t think he was ever charged with anything because that’s apparently kosher in Seattle or something, but he’s apparently ready for the apocalypse.

Why do fascists think they need to perform music at their events? Fuckabee can kinda play the bass badly. This bellowing orca imagines himself as Bruce Springsteen? So, his wife is Carol King? What the fuck is going on with these people?

Fat. Fat. Fat fat fat.

Fatto Fatty fat fat fat.

Fatso fatso fatty fat.

Fat fat fat fat fat.

Sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic as recorded by the fat fatmeister of fatness: aka Huckabee.

It’s big fat Chris!
It’s big fat Chris!
I rather drink piss!
Than to look like Chris!

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I think about that when I drive out to the range. It’s like Simon Pegg riding the horse into the village square in “Hot Fuzz” or when Delonte West from the Cavs got pulled over and found to be geared up all “El Mariachi” style.

And also fat children and who is the chick doing the Holly Molly! off in the corner?

Are they going to eat the Huckabees?

Still, this doesn’t beat our favorite photo of the Santorum family.

On the Stinque wishlist for Nojo: The ability to post photos in comments.

@SanFranLefty: That’s actually a judgment call, not a geek chore — I just don’t like how photos and videos clutter up comments. I’m a crank that way.

@nojo: Unfortunately for me in recent months I’ve learned way more than I ever wanted to about designing using WordPress, and so my personal goal is to use my new knowledge and start linquing things here so that it opens in a new window. I know how to do it, but I’m too lazy to add the extra few pieces of code.

@SanFranLefty: To expand on the Helpers…

<a href="URL" target="_blank">LINK TEXT</a>

I don’t include target="_blank" in the tips for fear of confusing civilians.

Massholes ….

I spent maybe 10 minutes on TPM today, but no other political sites. I can’t stand it. Idiot America will never let us get anything done.

@blogenfreude: Cannibal Anarchy. Coming through a window near you. Soon.

Good lord! He looks just like my first online dating disaster — dude had BellyinthePants. We met at Harrah’s (ho! Sout Joisey in da house!), and I left as soon as politely possible.

@Benedick: I was thinking you sound like Gene Wilder when he finally turns against Zero Mostel in The Producers.

Jabba the Guv.

Teh wife is clearly thinking the Rapture is imminent.

@blogenfreude: Idiot America will never let us get anything done.

If by Idiot America you mean congressional Demrats, I agree.

Massachusetts means nothing. Demrats were rushing the exits almost faster than Coakley’s premature concession. They don’t deserve to govern, except for the small problem that the alternative is much worse.

Health care question TJ, my friends, I mentioned weeks ago that I hurt my back, and sceptical specialist prescribed PT and an MRI, but made me wait 3 weeks for the MRI, and scheduled a followup for February 4th.

No improvement at all in the three weeks, PT makes it feel better, for as long as the PT lasts.

MRI was Monday. I took the films to the Physical Therapist tonight, he said, do not quote me, but you have a seriously herniated disc impinging on your spinal cord. Call that doc and try your best to get the apppointment moved up.

WTF? I am scared of permanent damage as I hobble around waiting for this fucker to take me seriously.

I have constant, searing “sciatica,” I have not been able to walk more than a hundred yards in weeks.

I have never had a real injury, never been in pain of this kind, I had no idea whether I was a baby, as I suspected the neurosurgeon believed, or if I was being dangerously stoic and putting up with too much, I am now inclined to believe there is objective evidence of the latter.

Is this common, this scepticism and slow reaction to this kind of pain?

@nojo: The Demrats, the independents that can’t tell shit from shinola, and everyone else afraid to stand for a progressive agenda.

@Promnight: Of course, if you were French, or British, or Belgian, or dare I say Cuban, you’d have been treated.

@blogenfreude: It fucking hurts, its been hurting for 5 weeks, and I soldiered on until only about 2 days ago when it started to get to me, the constant debilitating pain, I cannot put my fucking socks on. My wife is away on a business trip, I have to wear uggs, without socks, to work. When she is home, she has been putting them on for me. I am starting to get fucking mad. I cannot “do” my life, cannot do the things I do, for 5 weeks now, and finally, the MRI shows, I have a real injury, and I still have to get on the phone and beg for attention. Fuckers.

I am fucking grumpy now, at this point, definitely very grumpy about this.

@Promnight: Immediately get a second opinion. Being in pain is not an acceptable option. If your doctor doesn’t want to do it make a scene in the waiting room. Call your insurance and demand treatment. This is not acceptable. Demand treatment. And no, a chiropractor does not count. You might just as well have someone spray you with Coke.

@Benedick: I really feel like the neurosurgeon was sceptical, prescribed the most conservative course, and completely failed to take into account that even if the conservative course might work, it would never work while I am commuting 3+hours a day. Its when I get out of the car after 90 minutes driving that I stand there beside the car for 3 minutes, stealing myself for the 75 foot walk to my office. But what I cannot get over is that he scheduled the MRI for 3 weeks after I saw him, and 5 weeks after I hurt myself. And now, I have to scream to get him to look at the results before my follow-up, in another 3 weeks. Bastards. I am convinced he thought I was a Limbaugh -style addict, angling for oxycontin.

@Promnight: If he won’t see you immediately, go to the emergency room of the hospital with the best neurosurgery unit and take your MRI with you. Tell them the pain has become unbearable. You might even go to the hospital where he has privileges and have them page him.

@Promnight: I’m with Cynica. Go to the best ER around.

Better yet and alternatively, and I shit thee not on this, and it’s an indication of how fucked up our health insurance system is, go to an ER outside your network. Go with Mrs. Prom on a work trip or vacation in the next week to DC, NYC, Chicago, SF, LA, Houston (basically, anyplace with first class medical schools – Philly and Balmore are probably too close) and go in with excruciating pain. My mom was getting nowhere with her docs and insurance company for months when she was coughing up blood – then it happened when she was visiting me and I dragged her ass into the Stanford ER and they diagnosed her problem within one hour, had outlined her treatment plan, and sent it back to the family doc who promptly made the referrals that the Stanford Heart and Lung Departments told them to do. And there was nothing the insurance company could do but suck it up and pay for the first class care because it was legally an emergency that occurred outside the network. And once the local doc had a diagnosis he made the referrals and the insurance company had to cover it.

Don’t fuck around with a diagnosis of a disc on your spinal cord. Surgery and yoga is the only combination that has worked for people I know with that diagnosis, sorry to say.

@Promnight: How is the back?
And, is that Christie’s wife in the background waving her arms like she’s at a Pentecostal revival?

@SanFranLefty: Its miserable, but it has been thus for 5 weeks now, so it has become the new normal.

Yes indeed that is Frau Christie, looking like she is at a “christian rock” concert.

I gather it is quite rare for Christie to be seen with Mrs. Christie, he spends most of his time with his first deputy assistant chief knob-polisher, a woman with him since his US Attorney days, with whom he travelled the world on various junkets, staying at all the Ritz-Carlton’s known to man.

I understand, BTW, that he plans to pare down the “bloated bureaucracy.” Giggle.

@Prommie: Do NOT wait another day to get care for your back. Take SFL’s advice and hop a train to NYC where you can take your pick of the top medical facilities in the country.

what is the problem with the back. I have had lower back problems pretty much all my life. its a disc thing. after years of chiros and orthos I found that what works best when I have a flair up is a drug called “flexril” in combination with prescription doses (800 mg or 4 standard pills) of ibuprofen.

just read upthread. sure sound like what happens to me.
if you can take the meds I suggested please try it. it was like a miracle for me. and trust no health care provider. I honestly believe what they want most is to keep you coming back. and beware of surgery. my brother had the “fusing” surgery – something doctors have tried for years to convince me to have – and spent the rest of this life in a wheel chair. true story. I know they always say its safe and harmless but that is what happened.

@Capt Howdy:
not to go on but I have a monsterous looking mri showing the disc squirted out like a burst jelly belly and the treatment I suggested works for me.
Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory and flexril relaxes the muscles.

for work you might want to consider temporarily using a kneeling chair.

you have my sympathy. I have literally delt with exactly what you describe for many many years.

@Capt Howdy: Thank you for telling me what worked for you. I have tried flexoril, and I also tried taking up to 3 percocets at a time, and nothing stopped the pain, I only gave up on the pain pills (the ER did give me 12 percocets) when it became clear they did nothing. That was 2 weeks ago.

I am very very much against taking grams of ibuprofen a day, with my Martini intake, my liver would explode.

The other problem is commuting 60 miles to work each day. If I take narcotics, I go sleepy-sleep, hit tree, die. If I don’t, the drive is the very worst pain of all, so, um, its painful.

The doctor said I have no restrictions on activity, so I have no excuse to take off work. I drive, it fucks up my back, I go to PT, its kinda soothing, but lasts about until I get in the car and drive home from PT. Then I get in the car and drive 90 minutes the next morning, it fucks up my back, I go to PT, it is soothing, until I get in the car to drive home, then next morning, I drive 90 minutes to work, it fucks up my back, et cetera, ad infinitum.

@Capt Howdy: I cannot deal with this. I do things, I am very very active, I am going stir crazy and literally crying with frustration. I am rebuilding my boat’s cabin, building a raised dinette that converts to a Queen berth, building a new galley upstairs in the salon, and adding yet another berth where the old galley was, and putting a new vanity in the head. And moving the waste tank to the bilge.

I am remodelling my kitchen, I have to move the plumbing for the sink and dishwasher, before I can put the new cabinets in.

I need to be working on my shit, I cannot do my life, is what I keep screaming, I cannot do my life.

heres the thing. Ibuprofen works best not only because of pain relief but because it is an anti inflammatory. that is the most important and helpful thing.

try it for a day or two and I guarantee you will give up martinis for a while.
and you dont have to take it for long.
although it doesnt hurt you to do that. 800 mg is the prescription dose.
I go thru periods when I take 800 mgs 4 times a day for a week or two.

@Capt Howdy:
also its seems to be the combination of anti inflammatory AND the muscle relaxation that allows the disc to go back to normal.

no prescription pain med works as well.

they is a guy here at work who was going thru exactly what you are going thru. taking the doctors advise, taking narcotics for pain and suffering.
I had him back to normal in two weeks. he still thanks me every time we pass in the hall.

I so relate. I am the same. and nothing NOTHING makes you feel more miserable, old and useless than back problems.

@Prommie: When I had back problems that made it extremely painful to drive, I talked to my boss and arranged to work from home at least 2 days a week. From what you’ve told us about your job, it doesn’t sound like you have to be onsite to do it. The Capt is dead right about ibuprofen. When my arthritis and/or back pain flares, it works better than lortabs. The anti-inflammatory will be a HUGE help. Just make sure to eat something when you take the high dose because it can be hard on your stomach. Stomach damage is more the danger with NSAIDS than liver damage, which is more likely from narcotics blended with Tylenol. (Aside: practically no one on this blog should be taking Tylenol unless they’ve already saved up for that new liver). I haven’t tried the kneeling chair, but use the inflatable balance ball chair at work, which is much easier on my arthritic hips.

@Promnight: Oh Prommie, I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending you internet hugs, which are always pain free. I agree with Lefty’s advice. I’ve never done that myself, but I’m up for anything that fucks over the Man while getting you better and on with your life!

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I should add the caveat that Prommie should read the fine print on his insurance policy regarding out-of-network emergencies. My mom and dad had to deal with their insurance company a bit after the adventure at the California ER, but they’re retired and have nothing better to do than to write cranky letters to insurance company bureaucrats.

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