Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Henhouse

Michael Steele:

Steele believes that this race may have limited impact on other states, noting that Republicans still have to “work hard” for every election victory.

“You just can’t stop and think, ‘well OK now we’ll win in Maryland, we’ll win Delaware and we’ll win everywhere in the country because we won in Massachusetts.’ Every place is different,” Steele added.

Senate Democrats:

It is mathematically impossible for Democrats to pass legislation on our own.

Capitulate is derived from the Latin capitulum, or “head.” It’s related to decapitate. Both can be traced to kaput.

Which is about all we’ve seen from Demrats today. When Michael Steele makes the most astute observation on Massachusetts, you know there’s a problem.


I am thinking happy happy HAPPY!!!

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you humdee hoody hardy how?
Hardleeumptee doo dee rumpty doody?
How do you hold a moonbeam in our hand?

Skips away singing…

Hardlee doodee yumptee ardee oonee?…

Demrats need to take an oath not to bathe or wear clothes until they pass HCR in some fashion, even if it is to outlaw rescission, and live entirely on Ballantine Ale and end every daily session pissing heartily in the faces of their Republican colleagues.

It is mathematically impossible for Democrats to pass legislation on our own.
This is what happens when your party is run by a bunch of humanities majors who went to law school because they couldn’t do math.
59 > 41, morons. Really.

@Mistress Cynica: Actually 5 guys wearing ski masks holding spinning chain saws can be very persuasive against 41 posturing neofascists.

@Mistress Cynica: I think that the real democrats in the Senate may be more aware than we are that there are 14 nominal democrats in the Senate, who cannot be relied upon to vote with them. We look at the D next to the name, and think, “its 60-40, we win.” I think maybe what we perceive as timidity or trying too hard to be “bipartisan” may be a result of the fact that the real dems in the Senate are even more aware than we are, that almost a 4th of the nominal Dems in the Senate really are not democrats at all, and that really, we never had a majority, let alone a fillibuster-proof majority. I am now convinced that they have not been caving to the republicans on everything, they have been caving to the bluedogs, all this time.

@Promnight: We have labels like “Blue Dogs” for that, and I don’t think anybody mistook Max Baucus for a progressive.

And the idea behind 60 was that you vote with your party on procedural votes — filibusters — while remaining free to vote your corporate masters on the actual legislation, which only requires 50+Plugz.

But yeah, the “60” never meant shit. Douchebag Joe proved that conclusively.

@nojo: So many Democrats are pure shit – Lanny Davis comes to mind. Bayh, Nelson, and Landrieu … they stand out as shitstains on the progressive underwear.

This is the sort of shit that’s kept me from changing my registration back to Dem after I hopped ship for the Greens.

What a bunch of fucking pussies!

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