Wonkette Commenter Strike Enters Third Year

Shit. If we knew it would last this long, we would have brought a change of underwear.

Good Morning, Ladies & Gentlemen [Homofascist’s Army, 1/19/2008]

Stinque We Must [Unbearable Hamster, 9/25/2008]

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The Rise of the HFA [Stinque, 1/19/2009]


Thanks, Nojo, for keeping the team together. Not to mention the Clubhouse, the Stinque Linque to amazon.com, the Zombie Bible, Going Rogue (the musical), Stinque hats, mobile Stinque, in-person Stinque meetups, and other things I’ll be embarrassed later that I forgot.

To mark this event, Santa Fe has just declared a snow day, on which we are urged to contemplate the stinque of it all.

Before I go shovel the walks and consider hoarding water, beans and dried fruit for the rest of the week (two more storms coming), I extend my thanks to Nojo who is doing the Lord’s work by setting up this shelter from the storm for us, and for all the other stinquers for what they bring to our daily feast. This is our Ark, and I’m glad to be on board with you all. A martini and small cigar may be in order tonight.

More meetups in two oh one oh. Remember, we have opera and fishing here.

What’s Wonkette? I vaguely remember a beaver.

Snow here. I’ve been pricing raised beds for a vegetable garden come spring. I’m trying not to buy seeds yet. I lust after fresh-picked potatoes and properly grown celery. What I ask myself is how much of the local wildlife do I need to be feeding?

@Benedick: What good is a dog if it can’t rip open the throat of marauding vermin and swing the shredded entrails over the garden to warn other interlopers.

this is exactly what my dogs have done. twice. I looked out the window last fall and Ghost was tossing the corpse of a rabbit up in the air and catching it.
and playing keep away from Daisy.
that was the second rabbit causality.
the problem is my dogs would probably also dig up a garden in about ten unsupervised minutes.

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes! (Say it with a Philly accent, and it might make sense.)

@FlyingChainSaw: @Capt Howdy: Mine do that. Plus gophers, chipmunks, squirrels, frogs, and everyone’s favorite, snakes. I figure if I put the beds right beside the house I might stand a chance.

the wonkette thing sort of makes me feel like I felt many other times in my life. a bit late for the best parts.

@Benedick: @ManchuCandidate: Not sure even the fierce doxies could take down a deer.

ADD: Happy Anniversary, all! Many thanks to Nojo for keeping it all going.

@redmanlaw: I think I’m going to need an Ark to get to the office. Lightning storms in SF are rare, but it’s been pouring rain for 24 hours and the wind is pushing the rain sideways. Mr. SFL and I discovered which windows have leaks this morning. (Fun!)

@Mistress Cynica:
True, but they’d chase it or at least try to.

When my dog got into her pursuit mode, she didn’t care about size which she regretted when she charged a Rottweiler. The Rottweiler didn’t care and simply ignored her while my dog retreated faster than she charged with her tail between her legs.

When did Cynics’ Party give up the ghost?

@Capt Howdy: Better late than never.

@Mistress Cynica: @ManchuCandidate: We’re down to one dachshund. But he’s noisy enough for three. And he is a good hunter. I think what’s called for is a fence. The deer really don’t come that close to the house.

I bet the deer will come close at night if you have a garden. at least they do in arkansas

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

and dont we love that Avatar has made 1.6 bill and is now second only to Titanic in gross?
not to mention that it won the globe for best picture AND director.
it a crazy world we live in.

@libertarian tool: That’s their specialty here.

@SanFranLefty: Sorry darling, but I have a hard time mustering sympathy for the Left Coast folks when it comes to winter weather. Even though it’s sunny here today, it’s been above freezing all of 2-3 days total this month. My scarf, hat, and gloves have become very, very good friends.

@Capt Howdy:

“..a bit late for the best parts.”

Nonsense. As a non-combatant who was accidentally caught up in the original HFA wonkette commenter sweep, then held hostage – “for my own safety” – or so they claimed; finally succumbing to some weird”Stockholm Syndrome” psychosis that keeps pulling me back (after multiple successful escapes) for more unspeakable abuse and humiliation, I can tell you this:

The best parts keep happening. I missed the whole “Going Rogue – The Muscial” bit and have spent the last day or so catching up. Definitely a “best part”. Maybe the best. My sides were hurting. There is some unexplainable group genius here.

@libertarian tool:
excellent to hear. for once in my life.
it was good.

@flippin eck: I understand that there’s little sympathy from the Chicago Chapter of Stinque, but do we have to get an entire year’s worth of rain all in one 48 hour span?

when I lived in LA el nino was my favorite thing. the second year I lived there (94?) was an el nino year. then it stopped raining, like totally, for years.
I hated that. I like rainy days. there were times when I stayed home from work when rain was predicted just to enjoy it. and it didnt rain.
I guess I was there through a drought. naturally. story of my life.

@Capt Howdy: Wow, with dogs like that who needs sabre-toothed gophers?

Well, my. Three years.

Think we’ll be doing this when we are ninety?

@libertarian tool:

There is some unexplainable group genius here.

It’s the booze and buttsecks.

@Capt Howdy: Those are two awesome pooches. I have a raised bed garden in my backyard, but here in Santa Monica the worst garden predators are snails. For them, we have oppossums, bless their prehistoric marsupial hearts.

And last year on 1/19 I was in DC throwing shoes at a giant inflatable George W. while drinking heavily with SanFranLefty and Mellbell. Such a momentous date now!

@libertarian tool: And it is, as always, awesome to see you around.

@homofascist: A whole year gone by and I have yet to see you wear your rhinestone-bedazzled HopeTM sweatshirt. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am by this.

@flippin eck: I was wearing it the day I wore the insulated underwear under basketball shorts. High fashion all around.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: If memory serves, the NY Review of Books was launched during the New York newspaper strike. That gives us forty or fifty years of vicious infighting.


Dunno, but when I go over there now all I get is a blank white screen.

@JNOV: @Tommmcatt Say Relax: CP disappeared a month or three back — I imagine Greg was tidying his server account.

Put in a bid on that domain. I mean… “Stinque” is fine, but “Cynics Party” was perfect.

@nojo: Ahhh. Not that I ever occasionally lurked there to see what the Porn Spam Bot of the Day was hawking.

@libertarian tool: Well, hello, hello, hello! Anything shaking at String Bikini Theory? I might just take my cat blogging over there for awhile, you know, to liven things up. ;-)

@libertarian tool: I’m tracking it — I was ready to scoop up CP last year, but then it auto-renewed.

Although I have to disagree about nomenclature — CP was too on-the-nose as a name, and somewhat convoluted. Our branding is better.

Been better; been worse. Looks like ldschurch.org has stopped officially lurking my blog, so that’s pretty cool. Maybe I won’t have another Saturday clusterfuck of Fuck the Church posts.

Last week was GLBTQIA Day: Celebrating Nearly 180 Years of LDS Homophobia, Bigotry and Violence. The Saturday before that was “Lamanite” Day: Celebrating Nearly 180 Years of LDS Racism. This Saturday was going to be “Seed of Cain/Son of Bigfoot” Day: Celebrating Nearly 180 Years of LDS Racism, to be followed by Misogyny Day: Celebrating… you get it. Last week damn near killed me, but I had three guest bloggers to help carry the weight, so that was helpful.


Now I’m back to writing about my cat and about being batshit. You know, the usual.

Ack! Gotta go get ready to have my head examined. The trick is to do the bare minimum but not appear so nuts that they admit your ass. That’s never a good thing. I’ll check in later (if I’m not admitted). MWAH!

@nojo: But, but, but, after our nasty clique cleared out, the millions of lurkers were supposed to come out of the woodwork. . .

Lamanite? Isn’t that what you make kitchen counters from?

@Prommie: The great thing about noje is that he has no standards.

@JNOV: SBT served its purpose as a special event photo adjunct to CP. The Stinque Jams provide the same function under the same banner. But it is still out there. Use it as you see fit.

@Benedick: Exactly! But if you really want to know what a “Lamanite” is, here you go. These folks are “Lamanites,” too cuz some dumbass got lost at sea. Here’s the first post in the GLBTQIA Day series.

/really — done blogwhoring

@libertarian tool: Heheheheh. Sounds good to me!

Programming note: Massachusettes open thread at 7:45 p.m. ET. Results in at 8:01; vote-stealing charges fly at 8:02.

@Benedick: Shouldn’t it be “He has NO standards?

I lack the expertise to italicize.

breaking/tj/must credit stinque (as lifted from the evil abqjournal.com):

Assholes at it again:

SANTA FE — New Mexico’s Roman Catholic bishops will oppose a domestic partnership bill likely to be introduced in the legislative session that begins today, fearing it would be a steppingstone to same-sex marriage, a spokesman said Monday.
The 825-page bill, months in the works, would grant same-sex couples and heterosexual couples who register as domestic partners many of the same rights granted to married couples under New Mexico law.
The legislation’s proponents had wanted the bishops to remain neutral on the measure, in the hopes of making its passage easier in a 30-day legislative session in which the central task will be balancing a revenue-short state budget. Domestic partnership legislation most recently failed in the session last year.
Allen Sanchez, executive director of the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops, said the bishops would not officially comment until the bill was introduced, but he said in an interview Monday that they objected to the draft bill.
“They can’t be neutral. They have to oppose it,” Sanchez said, citing a pastoral letter approved in November by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops that he said provided more clarification on the church’s position.
Sanchez said the bill was too broad and the bishops feared it could be “the steppingstone for same-sex marriage.”
He said the bishops also would oppose an 11-page domestic partnership measure that was debated in last year’s session if it were introduced again this year.
The new bill was written to address objections that last year’s contained references to marriage, according to Linda Siegle, a lobbyist for Equality New Mexico.
The big, new bill instead replicates nearly all the parts of state law that refer to spouses and extends those rights to domestic partners, she said.


I’d do a link, but the conservative Albuquerque cat box liner puts everything behind a subscription wall.

@Prommie: I hear you. I was contrasting the fact that noje has no standards compared to Derek, or whoever it is at CP, who has some. But it’s true that to simply say noje has no standards is more straightforward.

@Benedick: I do have standards, sir. I have yet to post a podcast featuring me and my brother entertaining you with our thoughts on the issues of the day.


That’s not a standard, that’s just common sense.

@SanFranLefty: Tornado warning for Carlsbad. Now it’s getting interesting.


Where is Carlsbad again? Besides California, I mean. I always forget.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Just below Camp Pendleton/Oceanside. It’s one of those towns you pass as you’re doing 90 to Sandy Eggo from LA.

@nojo: And for THAT, I thank you! Heh. That was a mess!

@nojo: Carlsbad? Holy shit.

We had about an hour of clearish skies but it is now pouring buckets again and dark as night outside at 3 pm, and a ginormous flash of lightning and clap of thunder over the Financial District. Multiple car alarms instantly went off. I give PG&E even odds on keeping the power on. Since our subway system and so many of our buses are electric, it’s more than just an annoyance when the power goes out here.

Parts of 101 south of The City were shut down due to flooding this morning. Looks like the evening commute will be equally hellish for people.

@homofascist: @all
Speaking of that magic day… I linked this in an earlier thread, but thought in might be helpful again. If you spend some time basking in the Stinque coverage of the inauguration one year ago, it may help some of you deal with watching the Unicorn flame out over Massachusetts today and begin the long glide path into a November crash landing.

Just very concerned for all of your emotional well being.

@libertarian tool:
swimming against the tide as usual I think she may yet pull it out.
but I have been wrong before.

I need to drive to Sacramento in this shit. A favorite uncle is arriving for an valve job. Thunder and lighting? We never get thunder and lightning.

@SanFranLefty: Yikes! Hey — did your package come? I hope it’s dry.

Oooooo! The edit comments box is super cool now! It zooms and glows and shit.

@Capt Howdy: I think she may yet pull it out.

That foot in her mouth? Wedged in pretty tight.

@libertarian tool: Driving to Excremento is never fun, but in this shitty weather you’ll have a blast with the morons on 80 who think they can still drive 80 in the rain. Not to mention the puddles of water from shitty jobs repaving the highway.

@JNOV: Don’t know yet.

@SanFranLefty: Tracking tells me it got to your fair city on the 17th, so it should be there today (fingers crossed). I hope you like your schtuffs! Thanks, Love!

Happy Anniversary, you glorious Stinquers!

P.S It was 61 today in Seattle–swimsuit weather!

Happy anniversary comrades….this roadshow is three years old??! It kept me sane as I wandered in the wilderness of domestic bliss boredom.

I’ll be a proud expat occasional commenter in 24 hours or so…keep Ma Nabisco and my little biscuits safe and warm on the Ark, ya hear?

@Nabisco: Safe travels, and bless you for doing this. We’ll hold down the home front. HFA takes care of its own.

@Nabisco: Entering the third year. Inflationary headline trick.

@Nabisco: Watch out for snakes! And Peace Corps volunteers…those kids are crayzee!

@Nabisco: Bisco, I heard ya, I hear ya, Mrs. Prom and I are downright stoked to get together with Mrs. Bisco and the Bisco clan, she’ll be hearing from us, keep in touch, dude. Gabba gabba hey.

@Nabisco: I’ve been thinking about you. Fair winds and following seas, my love.

@Nabisco: *soul handshake* Fucking take care, ese.

@Nabisco: Safe travels and tell Ma Nabisco and the biscuits that all the Stinquers are there for them if they need anything. Please log in whenever you find a refugee camp with wi-fi.

@JNOV: Got it today!! It’s gorgeous. I gave you a great review on Etsy and the Book of Faces. Mr. SFL has been wearing the hat for a couple hours and won’t give it up to me. It’s freezing here (our furnace is still being wackadoodle so it’s 45 degrees inside per the thermostat) and I plan to wear my new scarf and hat to bed.

Mitral heart valve. He is getting the same procedure Elizabeth Taylor got in the fall. I think it is part of a clinical trial and much less invasive than open heart, which is good – since he already had his chest cracked for bypass a few years ago.

@libertarian tool: Which hospital? In Sacto or in SF? Stanford was doing some clinical trials on this a few years ago. Good luck to him.

@libertarian tool:
good wishes.
my brother had the same procedure.

@SanFranLefty: Huzzah! Thanks again!

@libertarian tool: I’m sending you all the best wishes I’m able to muster = a lot.

Fuck, I missed the anniversary. Maybe next year.

Raging Monk and I have started a “monastery” of oversexed straight and ghey guys. I am working on getting a “convent” started, I am hoping to get Austin Scarlett to design the habits. I am hoping a biz trip to SF/Napa/central valley area later in Feb/March is in the cards but last trip (Hayward, mostly Central Valley and Sierra foothills) was a blaze so any socializing is ????

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