The Real Thing

Hitler’s Downfall – the actual subtitles:


This is a very good movie with a brilliant performance from Bruno Ganz as Hitler. Mrs Goebbels poisoning her children must surely be the model for christianist patriot mothers everywhere wishing to save their offspring from homo fag commies.

What a moment in history. A psychopath had somehow taken over a nation psychically wounded by losing the prior war, his rise to power is another story, one worth close study right now as crazy haters are inciting anger and bigotry in their own quest for power here in our country.

But this scene, this was the end of this monster, as the equally monstrous Russians that we embraced as the lesser evil were closing in on his “undisclosed secure location,” and he continues to rant and rave. What of the stories that Hitler and his upper echelon were often seriously drugged at this time?

But regardless, what a moment in the history of the world, and this scene does it well, I can believe in this, and thats succesful drama, no, it makes the audience believe?

My fave so far is Hitler’s Real Estate Downfall.

“That bimbo said I could always refinance before rates went up!! … My mortgage broker told me to falsify my income and pick a payment!! … Now the only place she’s qualified to work is a car wash!!!”

(I’m rolling on the floor)

@Promnight: Hey, brah. This Plymouth gin is pretty good. Oddly, neither Lyle Lovett nor an automobile appear on the label.

@redmanlaw: Yo bra! Woo hoo. Gin! Woohah!!

You were saying?

@Benedick: This stuff favors the lemon twist. With olives? Like rubbing alcohol.

@Benedick: Bruise the lemon. Then introduce it to the gin. The gin will be shy. Threaten olives. The gin will release its fragrance of roast pork fat sizzling in juniper. Stir it, don’t shake it. Jump in Aston Martin. Do bang bang. Catch bad guy. Happy lady with big tits make hot coco. Ginge man bluster at Letterman. All kind loser try be funny. Whatevs.

@Benedick: from Nostradamus, Century IX, Quatrain 6.

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