Come The Fuck On, Massachusetts

Black Eagle’s going to Massachusetts tomorrow.  We got another 72 hours to go.  Coakley et al need to get pumped to stave off a full year of complete blockitude. With that in mind:


From what I understand, Coakley hasn’t been doing her campaign any favors. Perhaps she should stop listening to Harold Ford.

C’mon, they used the Henry V music, but didn’t include “we few, we happy few, we band of brothers”? What. evs.

Thank you for this. I really needed a laugh right now.

@libertarian tool: Where the HAYELL have you been?? Have missed you and arguing with you and your POV.

Jeez, man, I feel like it’s been eons since we did Team Stinque coverage of the Olympic Torch “run” through Ess Eff.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Everything okay, babe?

@flippin eck: Thank you! Couldn’t believe it.
@libertarian tool: Welcome back, dude.

@SanFranLefty: It’s just been one of those weeks. I’m finding it harder to keep a positive outlook about the job search.

When a Mass Dem senatorial candidate accuses Curt Schilling of being a Yankee fan, then disses her Rep opponent for shaking the hands of the plebes in the cold outside of Fenway Park, I start to think – Maybe, just maybe the long cold winter is over, and it is safe to crawl out of my hibernation hole. Just checking to see if I can seen my shadow.

So, Blogster, you’re saying Marha ought to toss on a Knights Templar tunic and start riding around Massachusetts on horseback, regaling the mobs with entreaties to follow her to glory or death?

@libertarian tool: Yes, I had the Schilling quote in mind. The Dem machine has really picked a winner.

However, given your appreciation of checks and balances — which is very agreeable — even without Coakley, the Demrats still have 59 votes, which is nine more (plus Plugz) than the Constitution requires to keep us safe from tyranny.

(Okay, 58 votes. Hi, Douchebag Joe!)

The irony’s too subtle for even my taste, but the Repugs are relying on an extra-Constitutional means to block legislation. The filibuster may be procedurally kosher, but it wasn’t part of the original scheme.

More ironies to come: Repugs will be screaming bloody hell if the Demrats are able to pass healthcare “reform” (hi, scarequotes!) during the interregnum before Cosmo Scott is sworn in. I’ll be curious to see any familiar names from the post-1998 election impeachment vote.

@libertarian tool: Yeah, but your dude is a porn star.

Or at least a porn star by 1983 standards.

The chillin!! the Chillin! Their eyes! the immorality of a Republican flashing his late ’70s/early ’80s pre-manscaping body hair.

Can I tell you again how much I’ve missed you?

@SanFranLefty: the immorality of a Republican flashing his late ’70s/early ’80s pre-manscaping body hair.

Truth be told, I’m torn between Cosmo Scott and Happy Trail Scott.

(The Academy would like to thank Doc Hammer for the reference.)

@SanFranLefty: Why is this work? How hard is it to point out that a vote for the Naked Senator is a vote for the corporate-sponsored kleptocracy?

@FlyingChainSaw: apparently nobody in Massachusetts has the nads or the bullhorn to point out this simple truth. Have any ideas? Color copies of Scott’s happy trail pasted around South Boston? Who in that state Commonwealth votes for a Republican, anyway?



While I expected some GOP pickups this year, I resigned myself to four years of One Party Rule. Just too deep a hole for the GOP to crawl out of in one cycle. But… if the Massachusetts miracle* actually happens, it is very easy to envision 4 more pickups in November – which puts us at dead even with JB breaking the tie. Unless… unless… Uncle Joe decides he has had enough of enabling his abusive co-dependent relationship with the Dems. You guys may have forgotten, but the GOP is pretty good at paying off Senators too. Almost as good as the Dems. If that happens, I can be a Democrat again to support Black Eagle’s re-election. That’ll be the only way to head off a complete GOP takeover in 2012.

It just feels right. I get kind of tingly thinking about it.

*yeah – sorry about that link. I couldn’t help myself. It just seemed consistent with the post video – except, of course, for the humorless pretentiousness.

@libertarian tool: it is very easy to envision 4 more pickups in November

I think all bets are off until after primary season — off-year history is certainly with the GOP, but the teabaggers have their wrenches raised, and may yet gum up the works. There’s swinging to the right, and then there’s lurching off a cliff.

Similar judgment the other direction: a few Coakleys can ruin your whole midterm. I’m not a fan of “generic” ballots — all voting is local, famously with Congresscritters.

I know Axelrod wants to “nationalize” the election this fall. Good fucking luck with that, unless you plan on cutting unemployment in half by September.


I think it’s like that country song – You can’t miss me if I won’t go away.

Besides, it hasn’t been as long as the Torch coverage. I felt we had a deep psychic connection when we jointly covered the inauguration, one short year ago. Even though you were freezing your ass off in a line miles away from the inauguration itself on the other side of the continent, and I was basking in the sunshine of the SF Civic Center courtyard watching a bigger than life Black Eagle on a giant screen TV swaying gently with the crowd to the tune of John Lennon’s Imagine.

Wait… Samuel Jackson’s “cold blooded thing to say to a mother fucker before I popped a cap in” is an inspirational speech? Damned… that’s the sort of inspiration I could do without.

@nojo: I think all bets are off until after primary season

Of course, anything can happen. McConnell may be revealed to be drilling peepholes in the page’s showers. But if Brown pulls this off, it is a game changer – a clear indicator that the GOP can take the majority in the Senate this cycle, plus it undermines the right fringe, since he is a “liberal republican”.

So… if he wins Tuesday, I’ll take that bet – I’ll take the over on 3.5 net additional pickups in the Senate (in addition to Brown).

(Speaking of bets – I had Saints and Colts laying the points yesterday, I’ll take the Chargers and Cowboys today.)

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