Classic Hitler Hears

They never get old:


I thought this video had been abused to death until I saw the version created by a guy in Israel with Hitler exploding about the parking situation in Tel Aviv. The incongruity of that caused me to laugh out loud.

@Dave H: I think that’s the lesson here: all memes are by nature overused until somebody tops the rest.

@nojo: I have an idea – if I knew how to do the subtitles, I’d try it. One day in my copious free time ….

@blogenfreude: I’ve been thinking of trying to do one about Whistle Down the Wind closing out of town.

Yes there will be a prize to those who spot the reference. Goes without saying that noje will since it involves his fave AL….. Damn. Have I said too much? Me and my big mouth.

is there a part for me?
i killed in the plum role of flopsie in 2nd grade. the only other time i ever spoke in front of an audience and received wild applause was when i would say,
‘hello, my name is baked and i’m a drug addict and an alcoholic.’

@baked: “. . . and who feels like burnin’ one out in the parking lot?”

who doesn’t? especially that group. i was in rehab for a nasty case of rushlimbitis after a nasty car accident. after you are able to get off the bathroom floor in about 4 days, it’s fun. stoner camp.

@Benedick: “Whistle While You Work” I’m familiar with, and “Inherit the Wind,” but you got me there.

@baked: Are you sure you’re not Elaine Stritch?

@nojo: OK, I’ll play along. The musical based on movie of same name about a group of kids who find an escaped convict in their barn and think he’s Jesus. Since the original had Alan Bates as convict their confusion was understandable – God knows I’d have worshipped him – and Hayley Mills was lovely. Redone as musical by ALW set in Deep South (I know) and directed by Hal Prince, it tanked in DC (I think) and never made it to Broadway. So you can see why the Hitler clip would be the ideal medium to explore the shame, rage and embarrassment caused by said closing.

1st Woman (to her crying colleague) Don’t mention Avenue Q.


i double checked, and no. but i adore her! what a compliment!
that crazy talented alcohol soaked slut!

Okay, I’m catching up:

1. Yes, Elaine Stritch is a crazy talented alcohol soaked goddess.

2. Hayley Mills — and Hayley Mills!

Your mileage may vary on the latter.


did you see that? did you see him correct slut to goddess?
even though it was certainly implied.
he’s cracking.

@baked: Any broad who reminds me of my crazy talented alcohol soaked aunt is a goddess.

@baked: Cracking? Please. It is to laugh.

But I must say, Stritch, goddess though she may be, is quite a conservative woman. Inasmuch as she is Catholic and a believer. She is an extraordinarily intelligent actor of great wit and generosity. She was a marvel in Williams’s Small Craft Warnings in London. As she was in Simon’s The Gingerbread Lady in which she displayed such mastery of audience control that it left one gobsmacked, grovelling in the dust. Might I explain? (noje, darling, your blackmarket copy of Nine can wait).

She was playing a woman returning from rehab whose daughter has laid on a small birthday party during which she gets smashed. Humiliated, her daughter tries to rush the guests out but she’s not having it. She has yet to cut her birthday cake and so she comments on the rush finishing with something like:

I didn’t rent the cake. I bought it. Outright.

ADD: The punctuation is mine not Simon’s. In the script this appears as one sentence. ‘I didn’t rent the cake, I bought it outright’. Carry on) Stritch was a marvel. She got a huge laugh after ‘rent the cake’. Then she waited. Got an even bigger laugh on ‘bought it’. Then she reached down deep, hit the sweet spot, knocked the ball out the park and literally stopped the show with ‘outright’. It was dazzling. Plus, one night when I saw it, the IRA set off a bomb behind the theatre. It blew up, one of her colleages was scared, and she held him to comfort him.

She is a goddess. And like the best goddesses she has issues.

Plus, one can never explain the theatre. Performances are breath. That’s its great beauty.


Mame Dennis is all i aspire to be.


wonderful story. where’s the part where you throw up on her?

@baked: It was a tribute.

A dinner party. OK? I was very young and obsessed with cooking. The OH directed her several times and gave her away when she married. (while walking down the aisle: ES: Isn’t this fucking ridiculous? OH (good Jewish boy): Elaine, please! ES: What? You think God never heard the word fuck before?) And they came to dinner and I got into the wine while fixing the poached souflées and it was all downhill from there.

She was gracious and continued to remember me. Haven’t seen her for years. One of the most talented performers ever.

TJ/ I am logging on to Stinque after many many moons, and using what is likely going to be my laptop companion/portable office for the next six months. Ventana EquisPay, and I must say it is a totally unsatisfactory experience. I get a purple Lego-like piece where your embedded vids are, and although I clickee and I clickee to install the plug-in – nuttin.

Oh and our house has the sad tonight. A dear dear friend who worked for UN peacekeeping in PaP was finally officially declared one of the casualties. His widower is understandably devastated, but they were lucky to have enjoyed a ten year relationship and lawful marriage in two different countries. Fuck this is a complicated world.

Hey kids, get yer tea bag jewlery from the Tea Party Emporium.

@Nabisco: I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. So many good people lost there.

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