The Failure of Christianity in America

Jonathan Bonk, director of the Overseas Ministries Study Center in Connecticut, is tired of the hypocrisy of Americans claiming Christian beliefs:

“What relational, social, ethical difference does it make, in a continent filled with the savagery of wars, rape, corruption, despotic leaders (many of whom call themselves ‘Christian’)? Is there any evidence that Christian conversion is making a difference? Such questions need to be asked, in view of what Jesus himself describes in his judgment day scenario when he separates the sheep from the goats,” he said.

We can’t agree with Bonk more, and look forward to the day when—

Hold on. He’s talking about Africa. Never mind.

Africa’s ‘Christian’ population on rise [WND]

No one has made the connection that converting these people has made them more intolerant and condemning of rivals and provided them with a theology that divides the saved from the damned and therefore a rationale for just chopping the other guy to bits to send him to hell faster?

I just read that the prophecy of Isiah that a child would be born who would be a savior of the kingdom of Israel applied to a then-contemporary child and not one born in the future, and that there was nothing about birth to a virgin. See “Traveling Heroes in the Epic Age of Homer”, 19-20, Robin Lane Fox (2008).

@redmanlaw: You’ll burn in hell for reading that.

Could somebody talk to Ugandan gheys and the Togo soccer team about this and get back to me? Kthx.

wars, rape, corruption, despotic leaders (many of whom call themselves ‘Christian’)

Yeah, I’d say the Africans have done an excellent job of following the true spirit of mainline US “Christianity”. Heck, they’ve even taken hating on teh gheys to a whole new level!

That is the closest thing to Buddy Jesus I’ve ever seen outside of “Dogma”. I’d have expected someone who spent most of his time outdoors in the desert to be a little more tanned.

@Dave H: I’d also expect someone descended from Semitic forebears to have a black beard and black hair on his head, not to mention black eyes (rather than merely brown).

@Dave H: @lynnlightfoot: You mean Jesus doesn’t look like Kenny Loggins?

Jesus, in fact, looked exactly like Gary Colman. Paul’s PR firm blew lunch when they first saw him and hired an artist to come up with a compelling likeness for the messiah.

@nojo: He looked like my grandfather, Sol. Little Jewish guy.

If the TogetherChristian people wanted to get people’s attention they’d have the lady in the white t-shirt in their ads grasping her breasts and smoothing her eyebrows with her tongue in that picture.

@FlyingChainSaw: I’m getting Christian Lifestyle — specifically SallyzLuv, “woman seeking a man”. Which makes me wonder whether they offer the full menu of combinations.

@nojo: No doubt. Jesus was gay, had an all-male harem of 12 guys. He was god right? He could have had a harem of 1200 women with prehensile tongues.

There it is again. I am consistently getting the TogetherChristian ad with this lady savagely thrusting her firm, wanton jesutard breasts.

@FlyingChainSaw: Jay suss was not gay, but the primary founder of western Christianity, well, he may have been gay, or at least had major problems with wommens. They went to great lengths to cover up that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene, the wedding at Cana was probably Jesus’ own wedding, but as I said, later peoples, Paul and others among the non-jewish followers of jesus, they are behind this denial of his marriage.

Jesus was a commited jew who established a jewish sect, and this jewish christianity was the dominant form of christianity, until the jewish revolt of 70 AD when the Romans destroyed the temple and the Jerusalem “christian” followers of jesus, who were jews, it was after Jesus’ own relatives and original followers were killed or dispersed during this war, that Paul was free to create his own version of christianity without fear of being refuted by Jesus’ own family members who were still active in Jerusalem until then.

@Promnight: I liked the Gospel of Thomas, the one that discusses the Young Jesus, sort of Son O’ God comics, with the boy deity laying waste to people who crossed him with a glower. Too bad he mellowed with age.

@FlyingChainSaw: Yeah, but that bullshit fantasy stuff is a major reason to doubt the reality of anything in the Gospel of Thomas.

I have read very deeply in the cannon of historical Jesus research, both the older historical jesus works and the more recent “Jesus project” works.

A great deal of what I beleive is historically reliable information about a real person named jesus is there in the four gospels, when they are strictly analyized without a theological or religious bias, and its really pretty easy to see the interpolations and after-the-fact interpretations, in the gospels, and when you remove whats pretty obviously the propaganda, there is a story which I beleive is historical. Its not the story the believers beleive, of course.

@chicago bureau: Arm the Ugandan gays! Like Pink Pistols says: Armed gays don’t get bashed.

@Promnight: that bullshit fantasy stuff is a major reason to doubt the reality of anything in the Gospel of Thomas.

Then what’s the excuse for Revelation?

Ummm excuse me… isn’t that an illegal pass jeebus is receiving?

I thought you could only lateral pass once past the line of scrimmage? Or do I have my Aussie arse up my wombat hole?

10 yard penalty, repeat first down in the locker room!!

@Promnight: Oh. it’s not the authenticity or lack thereof that is of interest but the hilarity of Sonogod, roaming around unruly and righteous, bolts of lightning flying from his fingretips, and the enemies of god falling to the ground aflame.

@FlyingChainSaw: Turning other children into goats is my personal fave. I so would have done that if I’d had his powers.

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