Art Clokey, 1921-2010

Art Clokey dies at 88; creator of Gumby [LAT]

Oh noes! He was the creator of Davey and Goliath too, which was at least a solid step or two above Sunday school flannelgraphs for entertainment value. There’s probably an alarmingly high number of veterans of a Christian upbringing whose inner conscience sounds like Goliath saying, “I don’t know, Davey…”

I’m upset about the death by suicide on Thursday of Vermont artist/children’s book author/artist Stephen Huneck. We (SFL, Mr. SFL, Dog of SFL) visited his gallery and Dog Chapel at Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, and absolutely loved it. Dog of SFL discovered wild turkey poo and got a bath outside his studio, and then got to romp with Huneck’s black Lab puppy. I have several of Huneck’s books, and his book “The Dog Chapel” was so helpful when Dog of SFL went to the Dog Park in the Sky, which I recommend to all who are experiencing the loss of a pet.

@SanFranLefty: What makes that so spectacularly sad is that he was apparently pushed over the edge by having to lay off his staff due to tough financial times.

@SanFranLefty: Big earthquake up your way? Everybody OK?

@Dodgerblue: Looks like a 6.5 off Eureka. Could be very nasty.

And here’s the USGS earthquake map, which I’ve had bookmarked for, oh, ten years.

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