Mylar Gasbag for Best Wind Broken by a Pundit

It’s hard to imagine a Mylar Gasbag without Bill O’Reilly. Or Sean Hannity. Yet they’ve both been so overshadowed by Glenn Beck, it’s also hard to imagine what Fox News was like without him.

Much easier to imagine Fox without Lou Dobbs — America’s other Great Orange Satan — since Geraldo Rivera swears he’ll start throwing chairs if Lou shows up at the door. Lou shows up here because of his fabulous descent into birtherism, as well as his ongoing efforts to upstage Pat Buchanan in anti-immigrant demagoguery.

Rush Limbaugh gets a seat at the finalist table for starting the year wishing Barack Obama fails — and not having to take it back. And just to prove the Mylar Gasbag is all about attitude, not just political slant, we’re sharing the love with Chris Matthews, who’s so fucking annoying that we challenge ourselves every day to turn on the tube a split-second before Beethoven’s Ninth starts.

And the winner is…

Glenn Beck. Nobody else could get away with calling John D. Rockefeller a commie.

Next hour: Diamond Dentata for Most Obnoxious Republican Woman

The 2009 Stinque Awards

Will Bekc cry when he “accepts” this award?

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