Eminence Grease for Most Evil Organization

The Awards Committee had a difficult time narrowing down every government and multinational corporation on Earth to just a few finalists. It was ultimately decided that the only way to do justice to the hundreds, if not thousands, of worthy nominees was to select a few organizations as representative of their fields.

And thus we honor America’s Health Insurance Plans, representing the well-heeled forces arrayed against healthcare reform. Blackwater/Xe, fronting for the American mercenary industry. ExxonMobil, keeping climate-change deniers well-fed. And the National Organization for Marriage, whose goal is to prevent marriage wherever possible.

And the winner is…

The National Organization for Marriage. Everyone deserves an award in this category, but NOM takes the prize because they don’t even have a profit motive as an excuse.

Next hour: Mylar Gasbag for Best Wind Broken by a Pundit

The 2009 Stinque Awards

Interesting in that NOM is the only organization here that doesn’t kill people.

NOM always struck me as being US America’s biggest and deepest closet for ultra self loathing GLBT types.

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