Diamond Dentata for Most Obnoxious Republican Woman

It says something about feminism that women became the face of the Republican Party this year. And it says something about us that we somehow managed not to call them all bitches at one point or another.

Consider the temptations: Sarah Palin dropping Death Panels into the healthcare debate. Michele Bachmann dropping conspiracies into the Census. Virginia Foxx dropping racism into just about every sentence she uttered. And Liz Cheney just dropping in.

And the winner is…

Liz Cheney. The judges kept bursting out in laughter when the other names were mentioned. Only Liz consistently triggered their gag reflex.

Next hour: Teflon Teabag for Best Wingnut

The 2009 Stinque Awards

Good choice – she and her hideous family are responsible for more death and destruction than any other, except possibly the Bushes.

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