This guy clearly needs more fiber in his diet:

A law enforcement official said the man was Nigerian and had locked himself in the airliner’s bathroom. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing.

Delta Air Lines spokeswoman Susan Elliott said crew members requested that security remove the man from Flight 253 after he became disruptive. The remaining 255 passengers got off safely, she said.

Airport spokesman Scott Wintner said it was the same flight on which a man tried to set off an explosive on Christmas Day.

Dude spent more than an hour in the bathroom.

Passenger Removed From Same Flight as Christmas Day Attack [Newser]

And because of him, we will all have to toss our lighters before going through security again. And hold our piss for an hour at the end of a long fight. Shit — one bad apple ruining it for the whole class.

@chicago bureau: I pity the road warriors whose lives are about to become just that much more hellish.

This last asshole is going to give TSA the excuse to have all passengers shit in front of witnesses at gunpoint to make sure no one is packing a butt bomb.

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Try telling a 3 year old she can’t use the john for an hour.

Damn. Sometimes you just need to take refuge from the assholes invading your space during a 5+ hour flight. Thanks a lot, Nigerian motherfucker.

Fruit, raisins, prunes, amazing results.

Speaking of fiber TJ, promnight is ailing, promnight needs advice, help!

3 weeks ago I bent down and twisted to get something out of the bottom of the fridge (so this is a cooking injury) and something in my lower back made a distinct “click” and there was a stabbing pain, but for the rest of the night, nothing major.

But the next morning, I got out of bed in some quite unusual state of pain, but I was groggy and figured it would pass, and sometime in the middle of brushing the teeth, almost fell to the floor, and it was all I could do to get back to bed and lay there holding my breath for fear of doing again whatever motion I had made that made me feel like someone injected molten lava into my lower back.

I stayed in bed one day, it improved, I went back to work, over the neext 2 weeks it steadily improved, WebMD told me that 90% of all back pain just resolves itself, and it was improving, so I did not see a doc, and took some percodans I had around when necessary.

But now, just in the last 4 days, the back pain almost all gone, all of sudden it has migrated into the most excruciating sciatica ever, crippling. My hamstring has been replaced by a 220 volt electrical cord, with no insulation, and standing up and sitting down makes the current flow, I can sit, and I can walk, after a fashion, but the transitions are excruciating. And occasionally, while limping along, I will move wrong, and it actually makes me whimper involuntarily. There is numbness in the left foot, too (its the left side of my lower back).

So now here is where I seek advice, I am simply trying to work out how to get the treatment, and drugs, without wasting time and money.

I can go to my regular doc, but he is an internist, and I am pretty sure he will just order an MRI and send me to an orthopedist.

I can try to go straight to an orthopedist, of course that will be followed by the MRI and PT.

I could go to the ER, then I would get the MRI right there, they’d send an orthopedist right there, it would take 5 hours, but I would be done, the co-pay is $100 for an ER visit in my plan, but when I add up all the appointments and time of going to my regular doc first, it seems most efficient.

Or I could go to a chiropractor, but then I would not have access to powerful narcotic painkillers, which I always try to stockpile when I can.

What should I do?

He could’ve made everyone ignore him if he’d just asked for their bank account numbers, per Nigerian custom.

@Promnight: Start with a sports medicine specialist – even though it’s a cooking injury. In my experience they have more knowledge of soft tissue injuries and wo t rush you to a MRI as quickly, but are generous with pain pills and quick to prescribe physical therapy and chiro work. Make sure the chiro works with pro or amateur athletes – it means they’re good.


i have recurring sciatica from a car accident. just recently had a bout of it due to crawling through some bushes (don’t ask-gardening injury)
it feels exactly like hot lava running down your back, ass and leg.
there’s no cure, just as there’s no cure for tearing or stretching soft tissue (at our age, tis expected)
here’s what i did: went to the ER and howled til they shot me up with morphine and sent me home with oxycontin. stay in bed as much as possible, it will resolve itself. the key is PAIN MANAGEMENT and REST,
my specialty. i’m in physical and psychic pain most of the time.
feel better–you will soon.

@SanFranLefty: @baked: Thank you, still, going to have to toss a coin, ER, sports doc. Lava, thats exactly it, burning searing nasty pain. Breathtaking, sometimes.

@Prommie: I have had great luck with an osteopath (D. O.). Make sure you go to one who does manipulation therapy. I found it worked better for me than chiropractic, esp. for my soft tissue/muscle pain. Added benefit: D.O.s can prescribe pain meds. Hope you feel better soon.

@Promnight: Tweaked my ripped up right knee yesterday on on the one aggressive run I took skiing yesterday. It’s been scoped twice, got the torn meniscus shaved, and I had an ACL replacement using a patellar tendon. Those damn stair steppers don’t do me any favors, I guess. That was part of the hour cardio training the day before I went skiing. (I really fucked it up on a stair stepper at the hotel next to the Superdome a year or two before Katriana. I’d be walking down the hall and go down like I was shot because of the torn meniscus). The urgent care around the corner specializes in ski injuries, so I think I’ll head over in a bit.

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