Sarah Plain and Recycling

She can’t resist taking a Sharpie t0 a leftover campaign hat:


Frugal is one thing, tasteless is another. Ack … ptuooooeeeeeeh!


This is very “trailer park feud.” This is “My Name Is Earl,” Alaska version.

But who’s Earl aka the smart one?

Sarah = Joy?

Good god, what next? Keying his Lexus in the Olive Garden parking lot?

since I think we can assume she could buy a freakin unmarked hat if she wanted to we must assume this is some sort of retarded “statement”

good lord. what we have now sucks but, please god, dont let us be delivered into the hands of these people by frustration.

@Benedick: No – Talibunny standing in front of his Lexus in the Olive Garden parking lot holding a naked Trig straightarmed over the hood and ordering him to shit on it.

She’s in Hawai’i? But it’s so ethnic and exotic, home of Kenyan socialist Mooslems, and full of Asians.

Maybe Mistress & Mr. Cynica will run into Talibunny on the beach of the Big Island. I’d put my money on Cynica to win that joust.

I’ll be on the lookout. I thought the sulfurous smell was volcano gasses, but obvs I was wrong. I was in a bar near volcano natl park yesterday that billed itself as the “most southern bar in the USA” which is obvs untrue as 1) Msnbc was on 2) no stars & bars 3) picture of Barry flashing thealoha sign over bar & 4) NO MAYO on my blt. I didn’t try to splain southernmost vs most southern.
Here’s hoping pele takes talibunny out.

@Mistress Cynica: Hey darlin, hope you’re having a blast!

Fashion TJ: I love this: Tights are not Pants

I’m very disturbed by the recent fashion trend (which I have observed at airports and a recent visit to a mall) of women wearing tights and no pants or skirt over them.

/end Fashion TJ

@Mistress Cynica: Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials.

Wow, say “upcoming nuptials” the right way and it sounds dirty.

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