Who’s the Boss?

Desperately seeking a healthcare-reform scapegoat, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee takes clear aim for insurance companies Republicans Max Baucus Bart Stupak Joe Lieberman Rahm Emanuel?

The new anti-Emanuel campaign comes on the heels of reports yesterday that the White House Chief of Staff was urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to cut a deal with Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-D Conn., in order to move the health care reform legislation forward in the Senate…

“The Barack Obama of 2008 would be ashamed of the small-thinking, ready-to-cave Rahm Emanuel of 2009,” said PCCC co-founder Adam Green. “If Rahm Emanuel ever plans to run for Congress, he deserves fair warning that his actions these next couple weeks will absolutely be at the forefront of any campaign,” he added.

We know it’s fun to portray Rahm as a Short-Fingered Vulgarian, but let’s be clear: Barack Obama wanted him — bad. Obama needed an Enforcer, and convinced Rahm to give up what would have been a likely role in the House leadership. Blaming Rahm for the sins of his boss is wildly missing the point: It’s Obama who will be happy to sign anything that says “Healthcare Reform” on the cover, whether or not the pages are blank.

We’ll say this much: We haven’t seen Lefties veer this wildly off the road for thirty years. Alas, the last time it happened, the smart kids went diving into the warm embrace of Neocons.

Liberals Target Rahm Emanuel in New TV Ad [ABC]

Blaming Rahm for the sins of his boss is wildly missing the point

true but thats why he is there, right?

@Capt Howdy: That’s precisely why Rahm’s there — to take the heat for the boss.

But Lefties should know better than to fall for it.

Where’s the fucking Obama that backed Lieberman into a corner on the floor of the Senate and gave him a talking to, way up in his grille?

But of course, this explains why Joe the huge rotting bag of rencid feces is doing this.

Yes, I said “rencid,” and I mean “rencid,” its worse than rancid.

@Promnight: Right, time for Obama to go apocalyptic on Lieberman, slowly rip out his eyes and skull fuck him to the death on the Senate floor, shouting, “sweet fucking Jesus, your skull is oily for an old fuck!” when he blows his load.

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