Not Conformed to Speaking Planned Speech

Now with extra stupid:


Oh, oh, what can I say, oh boy.

Its like interviewing the people outside Michael Jackson’s funeral, you know? Its like “Leave Britney Alone.”

Its sad and scary and leaves me kinda hopeless.

Want to feel better, listen to this:

Listen to it all the way through.

The truth could get you killed, in my lifetime, and from what I know, it still can.

These video ambushes of teabaggers are just too easy. We already know that most of US America dumbfuckistan would rather have hot pokers shoved up their asses than consider for one nanosecond the differences in policy outlined (within a tight circle) by even conventional wisdom.

Much less contemplate the possibility of reality-based alternatives to the narrow options offered by the overlords.

Nothing to see here, move along please.

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