GOP Family-Values Adulterer Quits Georgia House Leadership After Faking Suicide Attempt for Mommy and Ex-Wife

speaker-richardson-headshotGeorgia GOP icon and Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson failed to kill himself last month and hung on grimly like only a disgraced, grasping GOP automaton can, spreading the pig-fucker hatred and the worship of ignorance his party represents even while it was apparently driving him to suicidal despair.

Or was it?

His unfortunate former wife, Susan Richardson, would dispute that interpretation of Richardson’s girlish alleged attempt to off himself by sucking down a pile of sleeping pills on November 8, calling his mommy at the last moment, boo-hoo, to say he wuvved her, oh, mommy, I die, mommy, mommy, mommy, just in time for her to call the paramedics.

In fact, she says with unimpeachable rectitude that the worthless pigufucking piece of shit staged the whole thing as a play for sympathy when the halfwitted fucktard fascist issued a press release blaming his alleged suicide on her righteously divorcing him after she caught him pestorking a lobbyist.

“He called me from his hospital room, the next day, and said, ‘Now, are you going to take me back?’ I said, ‘No, I’m not going to take you back. I’m furious with you, the pain you’ve caused everyone who loves you,'” said Susan Richardson.

Susan Richardson said she didn’t believe her ex-husband suffered from depression and he often threatened to commit suicide. Richardson contended that it was in an effort to control those around him. “He did this before, when he got caught by me for having an affair with someone,” said Richardson.

The police report bears out Susan Richardson’s interpretation of fucktard’s alleged suicide attempt as a middle-schoolesque play for sympathy.  After fuckface’s mommy, mommy, mommy phone call, the sheriffs dispatched to his home found him in the bathtub with a gun and a suicide note right at hand. Clue. If he really wanted to do the right thing, he would have shoved the barrel into his face, pointed up and blown his brains out like a repentant and doomed freak and gone to hell where he belonged.

Susan Richardson’s interview on Fox Atlanta, meanwhile, yielded telling insights into GOP politics of hypocrisy, wanton larceny, adultery and treacherous mendacity. In 2006, this grinning, lying fat fucking piece of shit Richardson was fucking a lobbyist for Atlanta Gas Light which was pushing a bill for a new pipeline that would fuck over all their customers with savage, profitable new fees.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported at the time: ‘The pipeline’s cost would be collected by a new fee on the bills of Georgia residential and small-business customers, estimated at between $2 and $2.50 per month for the next 30 years.’

Richardson, a stalwart GOP jackal was co-sponsor of the bill, of course, seeing a chance to use his position to get his dick wet and maybe pick up a few bucks here and there, although his wife seems to know less about that than she does him stuffing his pathetic dick into a hardworking lobbyist and other political operatives who had to pretend to want to fuck joy boy.

A note from, Mr. Richardson: please don’t insult the truly lost and despairing. Suck the barrel full in the knowledge that the world is a far better place for you having blown off your pointy little head. Maybe after you officially resign your house speaker’s post on January 1. We’ll be watching the headlines for the good news, asshole. Don’t disappoint us.


There ain’t much fun to be made about suicide, but ‘The Stalwart Jacksls” is an awesome name for a band. I’m thinking RML on drums, DB and JNOV on guitar. I can roadie (worked Southside Johnny show in college).

Ah. Comments are open here again. Something got gummed up.

He’s been a bully here in the statehouse, plain and simple. However, because he was involved with all the banking/land/whatever shit, he’s getting more broke by the day out in west bumfuck Georgia. This last legislative session, he stayed quiet and out of the cameras as he knew everything was going to come back to him, assuredly. As Speaker of the House, he was making a $90K salary per year.

He also threatened to rain down hellfire from the Georgia State Patrol and elsewhere upon Susan unless he got his way.

The speaker has ultimate control of what bills will ever be heard, and is more powerful here than in Nancy Pelosi’s wet dreams.

Unfortunately, he will be replaced with other Rethuglicons, but there’s a choice there: the Speaker Pro Tem replaces Richardson for 120 days, and that dude’s from Atlanta. The other dipshit is from the coast. The legislature is skewed to rural areas over urban areas in this state, which means that anything that comes close to helping Atlanta (big, evil, blue, liberal, full of blacks and queers) has no traction in the short session that ends at the beginning of April.

The pro tem is from Atlanta, and I hope to the FSM that he, even though a Republitard, is elected to Richardson’s position.

The session coming up: We’re facing a massive budget crisis where teachers (and possibly your cubbie) are facing more furloughs and possibly layoffs, plus cuts in services, and a transportation system near collapse (where they might even stop all rail service in the city one day of the week, basically screwing over the working class). And this is an election year, where everyone’s looking to score political points among south Georgia fucktards by putting ridiculous tenther and birther bills in the hopper, abortion and stem cell research restrictions, and by proving who can be more evil than the other. And a lame-duck gov who is checking out to lunch.

Think of California with Dixiecrats.

@rptrcub: Think of California with Dixiecrats.


It’s just like Orange County / North San Diego County Bumfuckistan. Nothing new here, move right along.

Just pretty much the area surrounding the wasteland of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant / Camp Pendleton. Who would ever suspect the McMansion suburbs around such follies could live in such fear and loathing?

@nojo: Bakersfield or San Bernardino. North County/OC are too scenic for comparison.

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