Six Flags Over Wasilla

The animatronic version is in development.

We offer our apology to the girl with the Sarah Palin cutout, whom we viciously accused of nursing a secret desire to watch a Partridge Family reboot on the Disney Channel. Upon further investigation, we’ve learned that she was only trying to save some serious coin over being photographed with the real Talibunny:

A spokesman for Palin’s book tour says the crowd won’t be allowed to take photos of Palin, but can pose with her and buy copies later from a Web site.

This confirms our notion that Palin isn’t really running for President, but doing market research for her new line of theme parks. The Flash-in-the-Pan Mountain ride will be especially thrilling, when automated cameras take your picture as you crash to the bottom of the polls. Raise your hands, everyone!

Sarah Palin book-signing today draws crowds in Tempe [AZcentral, via Jamie Sommers]

A grip and grin with a national level pol will run you about $1500-$2300 at a dinner.

@redmanlaw: At least they have the excuse of using it as a fundraising tool. But I guess this is one way to pay for the Gulfstream.

Who’s gonna play her in the movie? Sandra Bullock?

Mean Girls II
watched a great movie last night. Drag Me To Hell

its from Sam Rami who brought us the Evil Dead series and also the Spiderman movies and there are elements of both but this is not really a horror movie. it is hilarious. in an Evil Dead kind of way.
mean girls made me think of it because there is a great fight between the heroin and an old lady.

@Benedick: @Capt Howdy: Please don’t count out Denise Richards, she already PLAYED Palin, perfectly, in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Evil bornagain pageant girl.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
seriously one of the best movies ever made.

Denise Richards talent segment. wow.
you know, you are right. she was born to play Palin.

the whole movie is on youtube.

@Capt Howdy: Truly, one of my favorite movies. The aunt, the floozy aunt, I laughed, I cried, I was amused. The cast in the shape of a beercan. And Denise Richard’s answer to “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

@Capt Howdy: @Prommie: Damn. I have to go watch it. But first I have to go see the end of Valkyrie which is not as stupid as I was expecting.

@Benedick: @Prommie:
another that sort of reminds me of that movie at least in tone is To Die For. with Nicole Kidman as a firecracker who convinces some loser teenagers to kill her husband.

(written by Buck Henry and based on a true story I believe)

@Capt Howdy: Buck Henry was a major part of the “Get Smart” team along with Mel Brooks. TDF was a fun movie. Mrs RML and I liked it.

@Benedick: You want stupid? How about “Zone Troopers”? WWII US Americans encounter crashed aliens and team up to fight Nazis.

I agree that it was not a stupid as expected. if it was good enough to be watchable WITH Tom think how great it would have been without him.
I simply do not get the star system. dont get it. never got it.
Bryan Singer is good. Apt Pupil and Usual Suspects are two of my favorite movies.

@Capt Howdy: A friend’s younger sister has been his costume muse since The Usual Suspects through the X-Men and Superman movies.

@Capt Howdy:

What I love about Sam Raimi is how he flat out does not care if people take his movies seriously, because he certainly doesn’t. In Drag Me To Hell there is literally a scene in which a character is hit by a falling anvil.

A falling anvil. Gee-fucking-een-eee-ousss.

Oh, and I finished the novel Let the Right One In. Any horror fan should read it and must love it. It is what horror used to be before Steven King went all late Ray Bradbury.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches:
I know I know. the anvil is when I decided it was going to be fun in the Evil Dead sense. wonderful. I also loved the fight when the old lady lost her teeth and started gumming her face.
and yet there was creepy stuff. the fly for instance.
its fun to read the comments at Netflix. they so dont get it.

and as you know, ditto for let the right one in. best book I have read in years.

@Capt Howdy:

Isn’t Brad Renfro in the gym showers in that movie?

Guilt inducing, but still.

@Capt Howdy: Well that’s a very well made thriller. What a terrible pity about Tom Cruise. He’s not as bad as I’d heard he just can’t act. He’s fine as a movie star but anything that demands acting and he’s out of his depth. Pity. First rate tech all round. Astonishing FX.

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