Lest We Forget

Tone deaf doesn’t even begin to describe it:



A new beloved holiday tradition: “It’s the Great Turkey, Sarah Palin!”

This is up there with the classic WKRP turkey drop—which is available on Hulu, BTW.

@Mistress Cynica:
“As god as my witness, I swear Turkeys could fly.”

One damn funny show.

@Mistress Cynica & ManchuCandidate: Mr. SFL and I just downloaded the whole WKRP episode on iTunes. Oh my Gawd, they don’t do comedy the way they used to. I told him we will now have to watch it every Turkey Day Eve after we watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episode featuring Snoopy fighting the folding chair and making popcorn and toast. R.I.P. Bill Melendez.

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