Additional Republican Unity Principles

Zero Right Wing.

11. Wide stances must be at least 24 inches.

12. The Constitution shall be strictly adhered to, except for the quaint parts.

13. That government is best which governs for the least.

14. Fear is an excellent motivator.

15. All our base are belong to Sarah.

16. Wars are best fought by somebody else’s children.

17. Marriage is best defended by a bunch of dudes living in a DC frathouse.

18. We believe in the sanctity of life, but not the healthcare to support it.

19. We support smaller government, smaller national debt, and lower deficits by cutting taxes for the insanely wealthy, drug-company giveaways, and reckless wars.


A GOP Purity Test? [First Read]

I object to Palin being depicted as my favorite all time Star Trek villain, the Borg Queen. the Queen has more dignity in one microprocessor than Palin has in her whole body.

21. Women, Congressional pages, and colored folk exist to service Fat Old White Guys.

23. Welfare is bad unless you’re KBR or Halliburton.

Hey, Nojo, was #15 intentional?

24. If a GOPer is wrong (and quite often), please see rule 20.


I would suspect so, given the ‘shopped picture of Cats in the headline… :)

1. The poor are poor because they are bad.
2. The rich are rich because they are good.
3. I get to keep whats mine, because anyone who needs any of it, is bad and doesn’t deserve it.
4. And fuck anyone who disagrees or looks at me sideways.

Thats really it, all plain and simple. There you have the moral justification for greed, and for small government, lower taxes, and not helping out anyone, ever, and you have our foreign policy, “fuck all ya’all foreigners.”

Its all a distillation of one particular narrow branch of calvinism that holds that god blesses the saved with riches in this life (where they got that from anything Jesus said I have no idea).

But really, isn’t this all of it?

@al2o3cr: I’m a grammar Nazi, so my question was to the form of #15, not the substance of it.

/not-really TJ/

I’m currently going toe-to-toe on Facebook with one of my ‘rellies after she posted this bullshit declaration. I’m so fucking sick of this Cult of Victimhood that these Christianists have. Who is currently holding health care reform hostage until it includes anti-abortions measures, who got DOMA on the books and is taking down gay marriage rights state by state? Jesus, does any other group in this country have as much power as they do!?

I’m being all reasonable and polite on FB, so I just needed to come here and properly vent to my libtard support group.


tj/Dept of Bow Chikka Bow Wow:

SANTA FE — Two women employed by Las Vegas, N.M.,’s beleaguered Robertson High School — the cheerleading coach and a counselor — have been suspended following allegations of inappropriate behavior with students.
Las Vegas City Schools Superintendant Rick Romero confirmed on Monday that Robertson cheerleading coach Krystle King, the daughter of Robertson principal Eddie King, and Amadee Duran, a counselor at the school, have both been suspended.
Romero said King is alleged to have behaved inappropriately but isn’t accused of inappropriate contact with students. Duran is being investigated for inappropriate contact, but Romero would not elaborate on what that meant.
The allegations, which are being investigated by Las Vegas police, follow a series of cases over the past 18 months in which Robertson staff members and students have been accused of sexual improprieties.
Also, a Robertson coach was fired recently after he was charged with disorderly conduct after a shouting match with students from West Las Vegas High School in a McDonald’s restroom.
King, who is on contract with the school, has been suspended while Duran, as an employee of the district, was placed on administrative leave.
Romero said the district is investigating and won’t make a decision on either woman’s future at Robertson until the investigations are completed.

– One of the women is the former sister in law of Mrs RML’s cousin. “She’s been doing teens for years,” Cuz said. “It’s about time they got her.” Ex of Cuz was a cop who got taken down for drug dealing. Part of the local small town power structure.

@flippin eck: I’ve never understood the point of video games. Must be all my estrogen.

Are you having turkey with said relative on Thursday?

@flippin eck:
I make video games for a living and I had no idea.
learn something new every day.

at least Palin is not being depicted as my Borg Queen

@SanFranLefty: No, thank FSM, although it would’ve provided great entertainment for everyone, I’m sure.

Actually, my mom was overdue for a visit, so I guilted her into coming to Chicago to spend the holiday here–we’re crashing a friend’s Orphan Thanksgiving for the actual meal since my mom and I are both cooking morans, so it should be an unusually nice holiday!

@flippin eck:

I like how the “historical” preamble of the document conveniently omits the persecution of Jews, women, homosexuals and non-Christians, as well as that whole messy “Crusades” business and the couple centuries of Christians exercising their “moral authority” by killing each other over whether one should kiss the Pope’s ass or not.

It’s like the Christianist version of “Birth of a Nation”…

@al2o3cr: I like better how it avoids any mentions of Christ’s actual teaching: the whole “give away your worldly possessions, flee your wives and husbands, your mothers and fathers and children, abandon your families to follow me” thing. (Matthew, I think)

And also that the early church wouldn’t conduct marriages because they reckoned they were pagan. But hey, let’s not have reason or history get in the way of an awesome money-raising opportunity.

@Benedick: So, what you’re saying is that the Shaker way is the only way.

@Benedick: not to mention the irony of demanding religious freedom while vowing to impose your religious beliefs on others.

@al2o3cr: @Benedick: @Jamie Sommers: All of these are excellent points that I’d love to incorporate into the ‘relly debate, but she seems to have gone silent for now. I’d like to think she was moved by my utterly reasonable arguments and is even now rethinking her entire belief system, and soon I’ll receive an email containing her outpouring of gratitude for having opened her eyes to all the hypocracy therein. But the reality is probably that she took her toys and went home after I ignored her hate-disguising “sanctity of life and marriage” language and called it what it is: anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage.

@flippin eck:

You can always introduce her to Betty Bower's particular genre of genius.

@flippin eck: Maybe the cognitive dissonance made her head asplode. Or maybe she just unfriended you.

@rptrcub: Absolutly. To say nothing of the beautiful colors they painted their houses. All that really stopped them was the dying out thing. But they made a pretty good stab at imitating the Primitive Church.

@Jamie Sommers: There is that.

@flippin eck: I’m guessing it’s the first option. I find that a few well-placed words of reason will usually do the trick. Scales from the eyes dropping and such as.

I saw the All Your Base reference, and couldn’t help linking to the canonical AYB source:

The original video of the meme

Also, just so my voice isn’t completely lost in the wind, I will register my general disapprobation for crazy Christianist rants, but I’m not going to waste my time reading any aforementioned rants. Sounds like you folks have it well under control.

The thing that’s sucking up all my time, as usual, is theater: Penguins Epsode 1: Heaven the Hard Way is going up again this Friday, running Fridays and Saturdays through December 19. I trust I don’t have to say out loud that this is a play which would be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone who likes Stinque. I will gladly provide further details upon request.

@IanJ: Next line: “You are on the way to destruction.” Definitely fits.

@IanJ: I love that video. Hope the play’s going well. Episode 1. Gracious.

@Benedick: It’s going well enough — although I’d be happier if I’d had more than one full dress rehearsal. It is a remount, but I wasn’t stage managing before, so I’m the one who’s kind of left behind. Yay! It’ll be fine, but there may be a few… hiccups the first few performances. ;)

@IanJ: So you’ll get prepared.. and you will be nervous… and will so kick ass. Good luck. Don’t fuck up.

P.S. Stage managers are so hot. I don’t know why that is. But it is.

@Benedick: Raar. I’ll be fine, it’s more just annoyance at the incredibly compressed schedule.

@IanJ: Enjoy it as it comes. It will never come again. For good or ill. That’s the enormous gift of the theatre. It happens right now. Just don’t take shit from the actors. Remember, if they had anything better to do they wouldn’t be actors.

@Benedick: Fortunately, the actors and the director and everyone involved are all delightful to work with. The schedule is highly compressed, which allows me little margin for error. One of the joys of fringe theater in Seattle is that everyone’s doing it because they love it. We have nearly zero budget and we don’t get paid, but it’s a pretty good volunteer gig.

@IanJ: That’s true everywhere. And doing it for love is a priviledge. I’ve done more or less everything around a stage in my time. Scariest job was running sound in a show with a lot of thunderclaps. I love techs. I adore everything about them. The late-night thing and the feeling of belonging. Sitting in the dark waiting for it all to happen. Have fun. I envy you.

@Benedick: You show biz people, we mortals can only envy the romance of the stage. Seriously.

@Promnight: I was writing something all… I don’t know? if I had it all to do over…? Bunny, pass the port…

But that’s not honest – to be blasé. I find the theatre infinitely fascinating. Everything about it. And I feel very lucky to have been able to hold out this long.

@Benedick: Thanks. I’m practically guaranteed to have fun, whatever else might happen.

@Promnight: That romance is as far away as your nearest no-budget theater. Volunteers pretty much always wanted, and often the jobs that need the most help are the least skilled.

@Nabisco: Jesus Christ, the spambots have been hitting this one thread all day. I should just lock it off.