Crackers With Attitude

Wingnut Hip Hop (Wing Hop?) is nothing new, but we’re strangely charmed by Hi-Caliber, who neatly wraps up all the teabagger memes in four minutes. The ironies are too thick to catalog, but they can be neatly summarized by noting that the video was produced by FreedomWorks, Dick Armey’s corporate astroturf group.

Armey earned $250,000 from FreedomWorks in 2008 for “consulting”. Cal, “a construction worker injured after falling from a ladder,” did the video for free.

Oh, and before you jump to an obvious conclusion: Cal and his African American wife have three kids. Sometimes caricatures aren’t as tidy as we’d like.

Busting Rhymes In The Name Of Tea Parties [TPM]

I won’t look at anything called rap or hip-hop or anything else which has someone entirely devoid of discernible talent ranting half-rhymes. I had my fill of the kulcha last night when I watched about two-thirds of something entitled Synecdoche. What courses in ‘creative writing’ failed to destroy has been taken down by film school. It mostly made me think of Staying Alive but without the fun. So I’m good, thanks.

If Berkeley has risen can Columbia be far behind?

The fact that he has an interracial marriage is just part of the silly around this guy. He’s also a libertarian on government disability.

And why does the MSM persist in allowing the teabaggers to claim that they’re “not Republicans”? If you have a “press conference” on the Capitol steps and nobody but the wingnut wing of the Repubs shows up, you’re pretty much a Republican.

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