Fox Video-Editor Telethon Continues

In what may be an historic moment, Fox News faired and balanced its production errors today, displaying anti-Palin tome Going Rouge when they meant to show fiction bestseller Going Rogue.


The only possible explanation is that Virginia Foxx left behind some blotter paper after her last visit, which innocent Fox control-room proles mistook for Happy Teddy Bear Sweets. Either that, or their own poll showing that two-thirds of Americans — and more than half of Republicans — don’t have a problem with Obama bowing to foreign leaders, really harshed their mellow.

Fox Shows Cover Of Palin Takedown Book Instead Of Going Rogue [TPM]


TJ/Hay Dodger Are you still planning on going ot the Stinque up tonight? Looking for a ride home after…Mr. Catt has the car. Youcan e-mail from the clubhouse or respond here.

@chicago bureau: Oprah’s cruising for an over-reach fail, if she wanted to do this, she should have done it 10 years ago, she is in decline these days.

My favorite Oprah thing ever was her attempt to start a new religion, with the liturgy written by that poet woman, “we speak your name, we speak your name.”

Promnight: Second City ran a skit a while back, in which there was a Church of Oprah. They sang the pre-Gospel Alleluia but subbed in Oprah’s name. I doubled-over and cried tears of AWESOME at that.

@chicago bureau: Oprah does, literally, seem to have a messianic streak in her.
@Benedick: I wish I could understand your one word comment, if only I could, I would feel we are on some shared level of understanding and communication, which I would take as a compliment to me, but alas, I am not getting you there.

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