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spank_mePalin apologist and noted chickenhawk Matthew Continetti:

Like a lot of people, as soon as I got my copy of Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue,” I immediately thought of the German literary critic Hans Robert Jauss.

And it’s all downhill from there folks.

Will Sarah Palin’s ‘Rogue’ Tactics Work? [WaPo]

Shorter Matti: My GOD!! It’s full of STARBURSTS!!!

TJ, because I can’t take any more of Caribou Barbie.

From prime teabagger country here in Ohio:

Woman rings cops to decry daughter’s superior BJ skills


That is soooooooo creepy and wrong and funny.

What are the cops going to do? Compare the two?

Why do I picture them as staunch family values GOPers?

That kid is so ugly you could use his yearbook picture to kill mice.

That kid is so ugly his mother nearly starved him to death feeding the wrong end.

Like Continetti I, too, thought of Jauss… but didn’t stop there. No, Palin’s brilliant tome also had me thinking of Kant, Fichte, Heidegger, Camus, Frege, Goedel, Russell, Ayer, Wittgenstein, Gadamer, Nietzsche, Foucault, Derrida, Levi-Strauss, Marcuse, Adorno, Habermas, Benjamin, then back to Kant, Fichte and Heidegger.

What an impressive lady!

@Serolf Divad:

You forgot to mention Mr. Magoo. Pailin’s book made we think of the Magoo oeuvre immediately.

Oh, and that kid is so ugly he has to put a paper bag over his reflection.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: Looks like T.R. Knight, if he were painfully straight and wore glasses.


T.R. Knight is full of pouty-boy cuteness. This dude is so ugly people hang around with him instead of getting the swine flu vaccine.

I see the resemblance, though.

I usually think of German literary critic Hans Robert Jauss just before I wipe.

@Serolf Divad: @‘Catt: I generally think of the Cookie Monster, and how his overarching philosophy has greater depth than the moose huntress ever could.

the germans Palin makes me think of are not literary critics.

unless you consider burning books an act of criticism.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: That kid is so ugly his mother played T-ball with his face when he was little to fix it but he broke the aluminum softball bat with his ugly


Let’s see-

“C” is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me -C. Monster

I answered him yes because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we’re on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can’t blink.-Sarah Palin

Yeah, just as I thought. Cookie Monster is a much better speaker, don’t you think?

he is so ugly they couldnt take him to the beach because cats would always try to bury him

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: Even with his grammatical errors, Cookie Monster at least avoids run-on sentences.

@Capt Howdy: He is so ugly that even Paris Hilton would decline.

BREAKING HARD TJ: Ahem, the first teaser pics of Levi’s Johnston.

Initially SFW, the click-through is NSFW according to Gawker.

TJ but kinda related/

Grinding email in Palermo in the lobby of my fleabag where they have Wifi and they had some kind of report on the evening news on the bar-side TV about models. Guess what? They are incredibly normal in terms of weight and vital dimensions. Real boobs. Hips. Biteable butts. I dunno. Maybe the Italians never ga-ga for the concentration camp conceit in female models.

@SanFranLefty: I’m not sure what to think. On one hand, he’s a media whore. On the other hand, he’s delicious in a white trash sort of way. But on the other hand, I think it’s the lighting and Photoshop that is making him looking much better than the way Levi looks in reality.


…So ugly the only reason Paris let him go down on her was to burn off the warts.

when the full length shots come out remember this is the age of Photoshop.
I will believe it when I see it swinging. closeup.


Meh. That wrecked it for me. He looks like my dad in those pics.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: Your dad? Really? Is he seeing anyone at the present?

Oh, and… That wouldn’t fly on the number two bus-and-truck of Mama Mia. He looks better when he’s not doing the sultry thing. That is not easy to pull off without four years at Julliard.

@FlyingChainSaw: Clearly you have not seen Valentino.


Only my mother.

Nojo, we reeeeally need some kind of an embedded rim-shot button.

@rptrcub: To see what Bristol saw in him, you have to go back to that mullet-fest hunting photo.

But media whore? No more than the in-laws, and quite a bit less. He didn’t rush to the Republican convention, he was caught, tagged, and cleaned up.

@nojo: Fair enough. But when his 15 minutes of fame expire, I forsee male hookerdom.

@rptrcub: One can only hope Levi is doing what any short-lived TV star should so: Invest in real estate.

(There’s actually a famous reference for that, but the name escapes me.)

@Benedick: Native italian production? I must say there are a lot of studiously thin, too thin, women in this part of Italy. Was it Sicilian?

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