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Dick Armey:


I think Dick is missing an important fact – if you’re uninsurable as a driver, you’re stuck on the bus. Apparently he supports the Rethug health plan: if you can’t get insurance, die quickly.

+100 DOTD points for managing to drag the “affordable housing caused the market meltdown” meme (and all the classist/racist baggage it entails) into an otherwise unrelated debate. Good job, dick!

Is Reagan code for more Brazilian wax jobs?

This guy is literally suing the federal government to keep his soup-to-dwarf-toss legislator’s health insurance plan, yes, the one paid for by the taxpayers. He’s like an arsonist who says poor people shouldn’t have fire insurance. Die, you fucking monster, fucking DIE!

@ManchuCandidate: A one man looting and pillaging machine. What a piece of shit this guy is.

US Amurrican politics has become so completely insane, that its not even possible to make rational observations about it anymore.

There is no “debate” at all anymore; the GOP/conservative/pigfucker/seccesionist-racist side of the “debate” is not rational, they have no connection with reality anymore, they have no rational positions amenable to rational criticism, its like trying to argue with, as was famously said, a kitchen table. They reject all of the legal and rational “rules” governing logical debate, they reject logic and ojective reality.

It is literally pissing into the wind to point out their idiocy, absurdity, hate, treason, sedition, racism, its not possible to withstand the tidal wave of crazy. It is like trying to rationally argue a psych ward for the criminally insane and convince them by logic to stop being criminally insane.

You can’t even make fun of them anymore, they are beyond parody.

Its a bad time to be rational, in this society.

@Promnight: That settles it, then: fuck the rational. Bring on the apocalyptically vulgar when you encounter these hemorrhoids on the ass of progress. Shout random scripture from the Zombie bible, hold up pictures of Jesus blowing a camel, wave banners that advocate necrophilia in the name of SATAN, and offer them, of course, a nice hot lunch. etc.

I’m sorry, there are certain things a human being should not be expected to do, and one of them is watching video clips of a Dick Armey.

If I have it all straight, Republicans believe that transportation infrastructure maintenance is not real work, the housing meltdown was caused by greedy poor people, the people in charge at the time of the inexplicable financial collapse need to be paid extra special double bonuses so they will keep up the good work, the energy industry is full of good Americans, environmentalists are terrorists, teh gheys are trying to destroy marriage, you’re fat on purpose, health care is only for those who have the cash, there is no such thing as corporate bureaucracy, the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts increased tax revenue, investigating the Bush administration would criminalize politics, violent Leftists threaten the foundations of this country, losing is winning, war is peace.

This has to just be some kind of crazy feedback from the LSD I took in the ’70s and the MDA I took in the ’80s. This is not really happening, right?

@karen marie: I’m with you. Didn’t watch the clip. Your summation is masterly.

And of course, our brave intrepid reporter does nothing to correct the false allegation that the housing crisis was caused by Federal anti-redlining legislation. Nor does he challenge the notion that everyone who would benefit from legislation prohibiting discrimination based on pre-existing conditions is an irresponsible alcoholic who needs a liver transplant.

The simple fact is that the insurance mandate exists to make it possible for insurance companies to insure everyone regardless of their pre-exiting conditions.

@karen marie: The real estate meltdown was caused by evil liberal Clintons, who forced banks to loan money to shiftless negroes, silly; its not poor people who are bad, its negroes and liberals.

You left out all mention of the preborn children, you always have to mention how we have to protect the preborn children from imminent harm.

@lynnlightfoot: OMG! You missed MDA? Mother of God, it was the BEST TRIP EVER!

Known as “Ecstasy” and “the love drug” for very good reason.

Yes, Prommie, unfortunately the list is too long for me to get everything down in one comment. Send me an email and we can discuss the tea.

@karen marie:

Actually, XTC was MDMA, the methamphetimine version of MDA,- which was very rare and used to be called “Adam”. MDMA wasn’t crank, but it was in the crank family, and was a great deal less neurotoxic than ADAM, which tended to fry your serotonin uptake receptors. Not that X didn’t fry your brains…it just did it less severely. I did Adam once on Laguna Beach when I was taking a cool-down from the Labor Day LA parties. It is a great trip but the come-down is hard on you, sketchy and dehydrated like an acid comedown.

Someday I will tell you kids about the tyme in the 90’s when I used to deal the club drugs at the Circut Partites and ye olde Gay Late Night Dance clubs. It was only for a couple years, but man, what a couple of years they were…

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: We had MDA in high school in the 70s, I never tried it, damn it, which is a shame because it was legal then and through most of my college years. No, my time was the heyday of the quaalude. Isn’t it time for those to come back, as a nostalgia drug?

My, back in the 70s, pharmaceuticals were so common, I remember ketamine, placydils (pickles), valium, and a host of others, but most of all, ludes. I never took any of them, damn it, I was so paranoid about fakes.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: The bad kids used to smoke reefers in the woods behind school. They called themselves “vipers.”

@karen marie: But how do I email you? Do you know how to email me? I know how to hit that “reply” thingy.


Did they wear leather jackets and have sexy, almond-shaped eyes, honey-brown complexions and dragon tattoos? Were the jeans tight?

Because that would make my morning. It already has, actually.

I have a rich inner life.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches:
my rastas sell X. should i try it? remember i’m a percocet/ativan kinda girl. but a curious one.

T/J from the scrabble wars

goddammit. for days i’ve been focused on this game with lefty. she remained only 3 points ahead the entire game. it was tense! her last fricken word pushed her ahead and i’m left holding an O.
we still have another game underway where i still have a chance.
it is an honor to play with her and get that close! YOU try it!

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: You have totally got to have gaybies. So they can have gaybies in turn. I see your grandgays at your knee as you sit before a roaring fire some winter afternoon clamoring for more of your stories about dealings drugs in the olden times. Is that a heartwarming image or what?

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