Three Yards And A Cloud Of Meds

Taiwan show us how it's fucking doneThis open thread begins with the observation that… well… God almighty, there’s nothing like a House of Representatives debate sometimes.  Like, say, whenever Barney Frank gets rolling on a procedural point.  Or whenever Michelle Bachmann goes into her private reserve of insane. 

Today?  Well, even the debate on setting the rules for debate descended into a total mess.  John Dingell, Father of the House / Crochety Old Man Who Is Getting Tired Of This Shit, presided over a half-hour of (a) scores of Democratic women making unanimous consent requests with a wee bit of debate thrown in, and (b) Republican members shouting “I OBJECT!” repeatedly.  Dingell tried his best, as a parliamentarian, to tell the Republicans to shut the fuck up — to no avail.  And after that, the Republicans got up and made unanimous consent requests with the same wee bit of debate rolled in…. and the Democrats sat there, politely.  First blood, then, to the Dems, for not acting like total douchebags.

And that, friends, was how this day began.  Christ.

We are in for a long, and hilarious, day.  Open thread, suckers — with major, earthshattering levels of stupid noted in the post proper, post-jump, for the sake of teaching children that running for Congress just isn’t worth it.

ADD: I am made to understand that the Sport open-thread will not be seen today, so that we may bring you this Stinque Special Presentation.  It will return at its regularly scheduled time next week.  Kisses.

ADD #2 — A personal note: I got a statement from my insurer today, w/r/t my annual checkup.  Total bill: $834.  Total amount I have to pay: $10 — the copay. 

National minimum wage?  $1,160 per month, or $2,320 for a two-earner family.  $834 would positively break people if they didn’t have coverage, of some sort.  Nobody in the GOP seems to get that.  Seriously.   

1201 (ET): Just an editor’s note.  The unanimous consent requests were muted by me, so I have no idea how many times the Republicans’ UC requests included the words “socialist,” “fascist,” or “yummy cupcakes.”  I’m just not a great stenographer when it comes to things that makes my head hurt.  Sorry.

1227: Off the floor — Nancy Pelosi talking to the press now.  She’s laying down the guarantee of a win today.  That’s bulletin-board material, Nancy.  Poor move.  Steny follows, says nice things about Black Eagle, and lays down a similar guarantee.  

1230: A heads-up for later: BARRY, ROSE GARDEN, 1430 TODAY.  So there.

1251: Interesting moment: Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) speaking in favor of the bill.  He’s got an anti-abortion amendment in order for debate today.  His vote is crucial, and it sounds like he’s on board.  Maybe.

1300: Bloggie has video of the Battle of the Unanimous Consent Requests.

1322: Hopey jumps the schedule, starts talking.  Pimps the AARP et al.  Says “this is our moment.”  Leaves.

1400: Game on in the House.  4 hours of debate — with that to end about 4 and a half hours from now — on the bill itself.  Steny Hoyer leads off, gives a crotchety-old-man turned tender-grandpa speech.

1435: John Boehner with an early appearance, speaking on Stupak.  No guarantee from Henry Waxman (in colloquy) that Stupak, if approved, will stick around past the conference committee.  Boehner then calls Stupak cover for members to vote for passage.  So there’s that.  Intriguing.

1505: End of First Period: No score.

Shots on Goal — DEM 7:6 GOP…. Penalty Minutes DEM 0:2 GOP…. Power Play: DEM 0/1 : 0/0 GOP….

1835: After 4.5 hours of pure drivel, Nancy Pelosi takes the floor for a valedictory speech, and repeats what has been said for maybe 90% of what went before.

1840: The four hours of general debate are up.  It took ’em 5 hours and 40 minutes to do that.  Now, DRAMA!!  Bart Stupak?  You’re up!

1915: Stupak Amendment done, GOP Substitute up now for the next hour.

2155: The hundred-minute long hour on the GOP Substitute is up.  Now they actually start voting.  First up?  As SanFranLefty has coined it: the Ladyparts Amendment.

2120: Stupak/Ladyparts Amendment WIN, 240:194.  Stupak picks up 64 Dems.  John Shadegg presses the Obama Yellow Button.  GOP Substitute vote up now.

2129: Boehner talked for twenty minutes about the bill.  He forgot Page 1985, Section 5217 — Committee to Research How Badly the GOP Substitute Will Lose By.  MASSIVE FAIL — 258:176… with one GOPer even voting with the good guys.  Guess he’s out of the club now.  (Unless it’s Ron Paul, which might make some sense, on some twisted level.)  Pointless motion to recommit is coming.

2143: The motion to recommit basically gave the GOP another shot on hammering trial lawyers.  Vote is rolling now.

2200: And, motion to recommit FAIL, 247:187.  Thirteen Dems in favor, three GOPers opposed.  Final vote — FINALLY — now running.

2215: WE HAVE A WIENER! 220:215 WIN for the bill.  And with that: GOOD FREAKING NIGHT.  (God, this has been long.)


My wife turned on the C-SPAN coverage, immediately started yelling at the TV, then turned it off.

Dodgerblue: That’s why we are here. Stinque — serving you.

Nancy, Steny both guaranteeing a win today. They’ve jinxed it, then. James Clyburn, Mr. Whip-It-Good, walks it back, saying: “we’ll see.”

@chicago bureau: Shit. BTW Wonkette No. 1 posted this today as illustrative of the House debate.

Dodgerblue: To that point, GOP debate thus far has been: debt, debt, crushing debt, debt, dirty illegals, debt. And Steve King (R-Iowa) saying that everybody in America has health care. Including the dirty illegals.

Brand W has no post today, incidentally. We got one. Four, even. Bill The Cat said it best: PFFFFFT!

DEVELOPING HARD: Procedural vote WIN.

In other news, first caller on C-SPAN open line suggests that the legislative process is going too fast. Sure, Ron from Florida. This has been lightning speed, Congress taking a few seasons to get this bill to a vote. Jesus.

And this is why there will be no more references to C-SPAN callers in this thread. I thank you for your understanding.

Hack for CQ on C-SPAN saying that this Stupak abortion amendment may secure passage, or cause liberals to bail out and kill the bill. So he told me nothing. Great.

DEVELOPING HARD: Debate rule passes 242-192. 15 Dem defections.

@chicago bureau: Does this suggest that there are 242 votes for passage after all the woofing is over?

OT: SFL is kicking my big ass in Scrabble again. She is smart and relentless.

Dodgerblue: I’m looking at 242 as their top mark. They can give up 24 more votes before they lose.

@chicago bureau: I really, really hope that our progressive brothers and sisters don’t tank this thing because it’s not good enough. It’s not good enough. It will never be. Let’s get what we can and move on.

@Dodgerblue: I’m not aiming for perfection, but please don’t bankrupt me with reform.

Dodgerblue: Oh, but the Stupak Amendment.

The gaming of abortion on this is fascinating. All the GOPers are going to vote for it, according to reports. If it passes, then you might pick up a blue dog or two. But what of those who want to hold up a perfect pro-choice voting record? Would they sink the bill for want of abortion coverage? Progressives are less-than-thrilled with the bill as it is.

This could turn out to be a perfect storm of stupid. Monitoring.

@chicago bureau: Monitoring.

Bless you. Five minutes of C-SPAN is all I can handle.

Okay, I’m leaving it on. Who’s doing all the time-accounting for minutes yielded?

nojo: Ms. Shortstraw at the Clerk’s Office.

Nathan Deal (R-Ga.) — Where is this in the Constitution? Who wants to let those dirty illegals get health care? Why should we expand Medicaid?

Not the high level of crazy we come to expect, but interesting preview of crazy to come.

Can we tax excess syllables in Southern accents?

Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.): Single-payer. Ooooo. Oooooooo! Getting shouty. And name-dropping Betsy McCaughey! Better.

Everyone notices Boehner’s spray-tan, but what about his cool Devo wig?

Looks like we have the play from the Republicans on the Stupak deal — voting for it will not guarantee that the conference committee will let get out of conference.

nojo: So many people have rugs. Not everybody has orange skin.

Patrick Kennedy now — only for a UC request. Poor — give him some time.

When does the gallery erupt with a chorus from Annie?

Hey Nojo — got some smack for the Ducks / LSJU ball game this afternoon?

BTW: Anna Eshoo (D-Shallow Alto) gets in her tribute to Sen. Kennedy before KO of the Ducks/Card game. Priorities!

@chicago bureau: My only interest is whether I get postseason hackwork for the purpose of designing ridiculously tiny foam hands.

STINQUE SPORT UPDATE: NW 17:10 IOWA with 2:22 left.

@chicago bureau: And UCLA has not yet lost to U of Wash, because the game hasn’t started yet.

Do citizens of our empire pay federal tax?

SPORT: No soup for Iowa — perfect season is done in by Northwestern.

Anybody care to venture-fund my new Biosimilar Dating Service?

nojo: The University of Redneckistan is doing a lot of interesting work in biosimilar mating.

The Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech has the floor.

If I’m gonna yield to myself in public, I’m gonna get paid for it.

Jo Ann Emerson (R-Rush’s Hometown, People!) — Fight the special interests by defeating this bill. Novel.

Jan Schakowsky (D-My Freaking District): That’s a yes from her. She’s one of the progressives, but she’s a loyal solider in the Obama Army.

Sue Myrick (R-N.C.): “Margaret Thatcher once said….” Cor!

Barney Frank sounds subdued today. Too bad.

Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) — “Tax everybody right down to the wheelchair….” If I recall her campaigning right, referencing a wheelchair here might be an unfortunate mistake.

If I had time on my hands, I’d cut the audio into the Lamest Levi’s Ad Ever.

Ack, I don’t wanna look at all this sausage being made. Wake me when this is over.

Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.) claiming Blue Dog tag (ha!) and supporting bill. Huh.

Final votes at 9 and 10 tonight? Hope that Will Ferrell “You’re Welcome, America” DVD arrives today…

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: I’m doing Weekend Hackwork right now. C-SPAN isn’t quite as soothing as jazz for background noise, but I can deal with it.

Speaking of “violation of trust,” how’s the Iraq War doing?

@nojo: I finally tore out the remains of my summer garden today. A couple of tomato plants still had fruit on them. Uh, it’s November 7. Calling Al Gore!!

@Dodgerblue: You’re suggesting it’s supposed to get cold in Southern California?

(Oh look, Shadegg’s exploiting a baby!)

John Shadegg (R-Az.) totes granddaughter, who’s all of one year old.


We have an early leader for Crazy of the Day.

“The gentleman is reminded not to refer to guests of the House.” Baby smackdown!

I plan to throw in a brisket, roast some potatoes, and check the threads here …

And how’s this for a Betty Crocker throwback?

2 1/2 to 3 lb. beef brisket
1 env. Lipton’s onion soup mix
Garlic salt
Salt & pepper
1 (8 oz.) can whole cranberries
1 (12 oz.) can beer
1/2 c. catsup

Season brisket with salt, pepper and garlic salt. Put in Dutch oven. Mix beer, catsup, cranberries (include juice) and soup mix. Pour over meat. Bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours. Remove brisket to plate and keep warm. Place Dutch oven on burner at low setting. Add cornstarch to thicken broth into gravy. Serve brisket sliced with gravy.

Using Belgian beer, but otherwise it’s all ‘Murrican. Usually I’d work in some mustard, but I’m going to try this straight.

SPORT: Lest we forget, this is Breeders’ Cup day. Classic goes off at 1845 ET.

Steve Buyer (R-Ind.) brings up the vets. Yuck.

@chicago bureau: How come the gheys don’t get their own horse race?

@chicago bureau: Was that also Buyer channeling Joe Wilson?

Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) wants your hair to be free! BE FREE!

nojo: Yep. Dave Obey not standing for that shit.

@chicago bureau: Sport update: Manny Ramirez exercised his $20 million option to return to the Dodgers next year. Good move, since on one else would pay that much for a mediocre fielder who can’t handle inside heat when he’s off the juice.

Final vote by midnight? Maybe the gentleman from Texas can make that Vegas trip after all.

SPORT: STAN 10:0 ORE halfway through the first. Drove that ball at will.

Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex.) says that Canada woulda killed his poppa.

I went to see a doctor about a stomach pain. Hours later, my appendix was removed. And then I got a $3,000 bill. Including $2.50 for footies.

@nojo: Forgot to add the interim step between doctor and operation: Signed a hospital loan.

nojo: My BS meter is off. They charged for footies?

@chicago bureau: One of my favorite stories. The nurse asks me whether I’d like footies to keep my footsies warm. Sure, I say. When I receive the itemized bill, there they are.

Additional note: Before the operation, they asked whether I wanted a general or a local. Which was cheaper, I asked. Went for the local.

47 million Americans without free access to footies. Shame!

@nojo: I am still in possession of my appendix, tonsils, wisdom teeth, and everything else I started off with. I have no idea what that means.

@chicago bureau:
Damn right we would have!!!


Strange that the geniuses never mention the number of large scams run by US Americans risking jail for Canada City Healthcare. I don’t seem to recall ANY scams by Canada City Dwellers looking for quality US America care.

I love the demonization of Pelosi. Especially after they just lost two congressional districts.

@blogenfreude: Tonsils I have, wisdom teeth managed under parent’s insurance. But beware the appendix — just nailed Beck.

ManchuCandidate: Speaking of Canada, props to Alberta Health Service for icing the clowns who gave the Calgary Flames access to vaccinations for teh swine floo before everybody else.

Still waiting on heads-on-pikes for similar clowns setting up Wall Street with vaccines.

How can you watch this shit? I’m watching The Tree beat The Ducks.

LSJU 17 – U of 0 7

Paul Ryan, GOP golden boy, up now. “European social welfare state.”

Fuck it.

Do you think that people would buy health insurance if they could? Or do you think there are 47 million people out there who just say, “screw it, I don’t need a doctor” and go skipping along without a care in the world? Fucking tone-deaf, these guys.

SanFranLefty: Flipping back and forth satisfies me enough. Plus, this is for posterity.

Wally Herger (R-Cal.) calls the rallies “peaceful.” Sure looked peaceful to me. Speaking truth, Wally. Cheers!

@chicago bureau:
Even in the glorious province of Alberta where everyone shits gold and pisses oil, they have their limits for RWer stupidity.

The Cons running the show in Alberta would have rather kept everything on the QT, but didn’t happen because of the simmering anger surrounding the clusterfuck caused by Stockwell “Doris” Day’s department of Public (Un)Safety over the H1N1 vaccine.

Pelosi has to change her middle name to “Plan.” Has to.

Pete Stark (D-Cal.) brings his kids too. STOP WITH THE KIDS.

@chicago bureau: I like how Pete said “Showtime!” walking up to the podium.

nojo: Worse: feti to be brought out for Stupak debate.

This Congressional Debate Brought to You by Dunkin Donuts.

nojo: Love how the pro-tem guy smacked down the using of the kids. The word “props” was used. Props to you, Mr. Temporary Speaker Guy.

P.S.: Lawyerz is evil. John Linder says so!

40 yard gain for Stanford followed by another 20 yard gain. On the 10 yard line.

“Members of Congress are reminded not to use guests of the House as props.”

Could a Palladum Pinocchio be in order?

@SanFranLefty: But what about the halftime show? That’s all that matters.

So did they already throw the wimminz and our right to control our lady-bits under the bus? Last I heard they were going to pass an amendment that would prohibit insurance companies from covering abortion or birth control. If this bill is going to result in less coverage for my genitalia, then I want the amendment that prohibits insurance companies from covering Viagra. A Congresscritter with ovaries [paging Pelosi] should have amended the abortion amendment with my sub-amendment.

@nojo: I can’t wait to see what the Band has in store for the Nojos.

Mr. SFL is very pissed right now about how his alma mater is performing.

@SanFranLefty: Debate on the Ladybits Amendment scheduled for 7 p.m., I think.

John Lewis (D-Voice of God). Love that man. Love him.

@chicago bureau: He’s definitely one of the stars of my Fantasy Phone Book Reading.

Boehner sounds like Tom Hanks with a cold.

I just put it up in the post, but I think this is a good point for discussion. To-wit, as follows, &c.:

A personal note: I got a statement from my insurer today, w/r/t my annual checkup. Total bill: $834. Total amount I have to pay: $10 — the copay.

National minimum wage? $1,160 per month, or $2,320 for a two-earner family. $834 would positively break people if they didn’t have coverage, of some sort. Nobody in the GOP seems to get that. Seriously.

Shit, Oregon scored.

Doesn’t it look pretty in Shallow Alto today? Look at that gorgeous blue sky.

nojo: So, at the end of the day, Democrats still want to perform abortions, personally. We get it, John.

@chicago bureau: I could deal with a $100/month premium, maybe $150. I don’t see that happening.

SPORT: STAN 31:14 ORE. Ducks’ defense has the day off.

Stanford! On fire! Back to a 17 point lead.

And the band’s about to do halftime show.

The Hillarycare chart is getting a good revival today, I think.

I watched long enough to see Rep. Ed Whitfield of the Commonwealth of Kentucky bitch and moan about including health insurance coverage for the heathens in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and some Pacific Island groups. All of which are territory of these United States, a fact which has apparently escaped Mr. Whitfield during his 15 years as a Representative. Far too much TV insanity for a gorgeous fall afternoon, so I went outside to pick up leaves.

@SanFranLefty: Don’t misunderestimate the Ducks — they beat the ToeJams.

You know something — they keep bringing up the GOP alternative. Which they just came up with in the last few days, after months of screaming. People who have been paying attention have to be just beside themselves.

@chicago bureau: I’d scream at the TV, but it would frighten the neighbors. Maybe I should tell them I’m watching the Ducks.

SPORT: STAN 31:14 ORE at the half. Offensive power for the Card.

“If you’re flipping between football and C-SPAN” —


Can’t they just do a Twitter debate and post Extended Blathering in the Record?

@Dodgerblue: Oh I don’t misunderestimate them. But The Tree has this annoying habit of losing games they should easily win (i.e. Washington State) and winning games they should lose (i.e. U$C, U of O).

I don’t want to watch clips of other games – I want to watch The Band.

DEVELOPING HARD: Jersey Boys is finally leaving Chicago after New Year’s. PRAISE BE TO GOD.

Hey, SFL — There’s the band… for five whole seconds.

All this talk about freedom requires me to haul out Anatole France again: “The law, in its majestic impartiality, forbids the rich and poor alike to sleep under the bridges of Paris.”

Do you think the GOP is pissed at the bill, or the fact that somebody asked them to actually read something?

How long will it take me to tire of Gregory Meeks? NOT LONG!

@chicago bureau: If only Wicked would leave Ess Eff.

Fucking ESPN – I don’t want to hear sportscasters jabbering, I want to watch the LSJUMB.

First Czar of the afternoon! I picked the wrong drinking game.

It took 3 and a half hours, but somebody just dropped ACORN.

WAIT: Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) has spoken twice today. Are they running out of bloviators? Shit — we haven’t heard from Bachmann yet. BRING OUT BACHMANN. WE DEMAND PURE CRAZY!

@chicago bureau: I fear think I’m getting the hang of this: Two committees reported out bills, so each committee controls a portion of the debate. We’re in Part 2 of the proceedings, thus the, um, dupes.

Gohmert Pyle, (R) Mayberry makes passionate defense of the need for dentalcare for all. And I yield my remaining time to the gentle sheeple of Wingnutistan.

Okay, let’s have a look at Section 501:

TAXIMPOSED.—In the case of any individual who does not meet the requirements of subsection (d) at any time during the taxable year, there is hereby imposed a tax equal to 2.5 percent of … the taxpayer’s modified adjusted gross income for the taxable year…”

Lots of details follow, but I can afford that. Oh, but do I get insurance with it?

What are those blue things on the arms of some of the refs at the LSJU-U of O game?

@nojo: Okay, near as I can figure, I can buy a $12,000 policy, or pay a $900 penalty. I’ll settle for dental.

Virginia Foxx: “seventy percent effective unemployment”. Wha?

SanFranLefty: No clue. Prostate cancer, mebbie.

Anyway, just got off a nap. Miss a little, miss a lot — HERE’S NANCY PELOSI PLAN!

After Nancy, you get Mark Souder from Indiana whining about the free market and illegal immigrants who TOOK YOUR JOBS.

I like the Dem blowhards better.

@chicago bureau: Miss a little, miss a lot

Miss nothing. Foxx? Hoekstra? Zzzzz.

Have we reached the Death Panel montage yet?

I took a nap. Are we like Canada yet?

UCLA won!! Time to run out and buy a lottery ticket.

SPORT: STAN 51:42 ORE. It’s a final. LSJU going bowling!

But also: Toby Freaking Gerhart.

Bachmann’s wearing a lei. Oy, poi!

@Dodgerblue: Health Care Bill 0:2 Stinquers taking nap during this dreck.

@chicago bureau: Congrats to SFL and JNOV — Tree beats Ducks.

Maiden speech from Bill Owens of the Fighting 23rd in New York. Take that.

Boehner again on the pro-life deal, and he gets the same answer as he did before. FAIL.

@chicago bureau: The gentleman from Ohio is grandstanding above and beyond the call.

@chicago bureau: And here’s the California Insurance Commissioner! Or whatever job he’s rotated into now.

@nojo: A job without those pesky term limits!

And now Garamendi, the other new boy from California. I think Owens was better, frankly, but two maidens broken in a row kind of deflates the claim that there is no public support for this.

nojo: If you want grandstanding done right, you do it yourself.

The gentleman from Sandy Eggo is getting hungry for pizza.

nojo: The gentleman from Chicago is on a diet and facing another lo-cal TV dinner.


@nojo: The wife and I may be looking at Campos burritos later tonight. We have an episode of NCIS and a couple of Mystery episodes to catch up on.

@blogenfreude: Baked trout, basmti rice and spinach salad here tonight.

Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), I believe, is a Blue Dog. And he’s talking like someone who is going to vote for the bill.

OK, kids. General debate is OVER! And the Dems win, two cute kids to a cute baby.

Bart Stupak? Your time to shine, brother!

Why, when we have a 10.2 unemployment rate, are we bothering with legislation that (might) alleviate the suffering of our citizens? We can’t afford to burden them with relief.

@Dodgerblue: I’m informed by the House clerk that the Will Ferrell DVD indeed arrived.

I don’t know the calculations here — does Nancy lose more votes without the Stupak amendment, or with it? It’s not going to win a single Republican vote, for sure.

This is a real crapshoot, given the margin of error.

@chicago bureau: Nancy throws it to the floor, allows members to run for cover.

@nojo: My wife thinks Nancy is “creepy but effective.” I’m not sure about the “effective” part.

I’ve heard that there is at least one GOPer intending to press the Barack Obama Memorial Yellow Button on this one. Interesting vote position, there.

Well, there’s one Dem just now who threatened to yank support for the underlying bill if the Stupak amendment. This is going to the wire.

@chicago bureau: Clyburn’s probably working it hard. If they don’t have a count for the final vote, will they hold it?

Jerry Nadler’s lost weight, I think.

nojo: This vote on the Stupak amendment might move things. Let’s see how that goes.


That is a freaky lei. And she’s looking straight into the C-SPAN camera while pronouncing her support for Stupak from on highish.

Mike Quigley — from Rahm’s old district, and a reformer on the Cook County Board, which needs it badly — against the Stupak amendment. Interesting.

Oh, here we go with the unanimous consent requests again. Gee whiz.

Well, let’s see. Stupak needs 41 Dems to cross in order to win his amendment. On this evidence, I don’t think he has it.

@chicago bureau: If nothing else, the volume increased soon as they started the debate.

Actually, no vote on the amendment yet. First we get the Boehner Substitute for an hour.

nojo: Yeah, they’re going to roll the votes.

I question the wisdom of this postponement — which in all other times is S.O.P. If Stupak goes down, it leaves less time to cajole the handful of Blue Dogs who might jump ship on final passage.

Republicans oppose the bill I wish Democrats offered.

Are they still yammering about the Ladybits Amendment? I decided to go to the gym during the 4th quarter of the Nojos-SFLs game.

@chicago bureau: The Tree won! Maybe LSJU will go to the Aloha Bowl or someplace warm.

Bloody shirts on sale in the Rotunda.

@SanFranLefty: We’re past Ladybits (vote postponed), now yammering about the Republican snake oil.

“Hoary voices of hideboard ideologues.” Rep. McCotter may need to translate that for Rep. Wilson.

DEVELOPING HARD: Politico reports 225 possible votes for Stupak per the man himself, but that 15 pro-life Democrats wouldn’t vote for the bill regardless of what happens. Correlation between those 15 votes and solid Blue Dog no votes is unclear.

Paul Newman is spinning in his grave.

George Miller (D-Cal.) brought it right there.

Barton: It’s your choice to get sick.

Pete Stark is laughing as he goes too. I’m liking this vibe.

I’m going to have nightmares of public readings of voter’s guides.

If C-SPAN really wanted to perform a public service, they’d ID speakers by insurance-company contributions.

@chicago bureau: You’re right. McDermott’s enjoying himself.

“A scheme as skimpy as a hospital gown.” They’ve been saving the good material.

The ridicule of Dems opposing a proposal just seems so, well, fresh and novel.

@chicago bureau: I heart Pete Stark. All sorts of Bay Area wackiness there.

Earl Blumenauer wears the only bow tie found in Oregon.

Yeah — Earl’s right. Where the hell was this magic plan of Boehner’s in 2005?

@chicago bureau: Apparently they were busy serving doughnut holes to the elderly.

Ron Kind (D-Wis.) is a Blue Dog of sorts. So this is a good result with him on the floor.

I would be amused sitting at home reading the comments of the US America Healthcare debate if I weren’t sick with a cold that my housemate gave me.

I’m half bombed on Nyquil right now.

@ManchuCandidate: Because NyQuil is all those EVIL SOCIALIST CANADIAN doctors will give you, because of long lines, right?

@chicago bureau: “…he makes Baby Jeebus cry.”

That’s WHY I love him.

SanFranLefty: That, and his kids (used as “props” earlier today) are ADORABLE.

Edward Markey says the GOP plan is not real refaahm.

God, I heart New English Democrats.

Cal is having problems with Beaver as UCLA did last week. Beavs 21, Bears 7, at the half.

Check on the cable nets —

MSNBC: Lockup.

CNN: Larry King Live, in re Chris Brown / Rhianna.

Fox News: Glenn Beck replay in re climate change, with John Bolton.

John Boehner is the last man up for the GOP (before the customary motion to recommit). 3:2 against that he starts crying. Takers?

Had to look up Boehner’s small business. Thought he was an undertaker.

While Boehner speaks, I’m playing the Clue game displayed next to him: The Czar did it in the Bureaucracy with the Knife.

Page 1523, Section 2622 — Establishment of a Study-Panel for the Creation of a Board to Call John Boehner a wanker.

A common-sense solution that we finally got around to publishing on Tuesday.

“Philadelphia lawyers”: Is that an old phrase?

OK. GAME ON, BITCHES! Stupak/Ladyparts amendment is first.


@chicago bureau: Please phrase your confusion in the form of a question.

@nojo: To-wit: what is “Dee-dee-dee-da-da-dah-dee-dah…” all about? I’m sure it is teh funny.

@chicago bureau: It’s not that funny, and the explanation has been alluded to.

@nojo: What explanation? (Forgive me. Long day with only one nap.)

DEVELOPING HARD: There are at least 41 Dem votes for Stupak/Ladyparts. Presuming all GOPers fall in line, Ladyparts Amendment WIN.

@nojo: Oops. I was reading 4 notes, 4 notes, instead of 3-2-3. Apologies.

So how does the gaming work? Do you wait until the vote’s nearly over to decide whether you need to declare yourself?

The Supplemental Abortion Insurance market is now open.

C-SPAN says that Nat’l Right to Life Committee calling “present” votes as “no” votes, naming Ladyparts Amendment a key scoring vote for them. So they whip out the hammer to keep GOP malcontents in line.

235 yea votes at the moment. Ballgame.

ADD: It’s a final. Ladyparts Amendment WIN 240:194. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) goes Yellow on us.

DEVELOPING HARDER — GOP Substitute gets whomped. 242 against so far.

What’s that one Demrat yea on the Repug bill that keeps flipping on and off? Fat fingers?

And now the Mystery Vote has switched boxes — a Repug against.

Every time I try to vote, I get shunted to voicemail.

FINAL COUNT: GOP Substitute FAIL 258:176. I’m guessing Ron Paul is the no vote on that.

Eric Cantor can’t take no for an answer. And thus — motion to recommit. Which is another opportunity for trial lawyers to get smacked by the GOP. BORING.

? I guess I’m not following this close enough.

/back to documentary on Universal horror films on Chiller. I’d do some reloading but I gotta get my chainsaw and shit together for a firewood run tomorrow.

Trial Lawyers v. Seniors. Love it.

@redmanlaw: Nothing to follow. Lotta blather, votes could have been predicted this morning.

@nojo: Represents Champaign/Urbana and the southeastern edge of the state.

His website decries the Democrat Plan. But he’s also a member of the Civility Caucus, and is calling for a withdrawal from Afghanistan. An interesting move.

This is like watching Rocky Horror. When do they start throwing toilet paper?

nojo: I’m not so sure. I’m guessing Nancy has the votes, but I won’t say so until I see 218 on the board.

Do they get more rowdy as the night goes on, like the Golden Globes?

@nojo: Well, that was the last bit of debate. They could start wrasslin’ after the final vote, but I’m guessing not.

And… the motion to recommit is toast. 218 noes already on the board.

@chicago bureau: But this round there are five votes crossing the line. Unless they blip again. Does this allow you to claim you voted either way, as needed?

@nojo: I don’t know. Maybe you can read something in the teabag leaves to see where people fall on final passage, but having the bill sent back to committee would be super embarassing for Nancy et al.

@chicago bureau: I don’t subscribe to Parliamentary Procedure Today, but there are some practical advantages to having a vote on either side. However (with 10 Dems now voting for the recommit), I don’t see how that would apply here.

Earlier today — there were 15 defections on the rules for debate. C-SPAN calling for a top mark of 228 just now on final passage, which would be thirty defections, and possibly more.

This is going to tighter than spandex on a summer day.

247:187 FAIL on motion to recommit. And now… the FINAL COUNTDOWN! (Doo-doo… do-do-doo-do-doo…)

35 no votes from the Dems. They can lose 5 more.

Luke Russert on the hill for MSNBC. Nice.

Clyburn’s cutting some fast deals…

Ten Dems left to vote — they need 6 of them.

Seven left — need three dems to vote aye.

DEVELOPING HARD: 218! They got it — unless there’s a flop last minute.

Not exactly a mandate, but that’s governing.

And 1 GOPer just came along. It’s bipartisan!

Two votes to spare. Two Dems elected this week.

It looks like a final — 220:215, in favor of passage. That was close.

nojo: Yeah. The GOP totally won on Tuesday.

Joseph Cao (R-La.) — always the new guy — reported as the defector. Can you tell an angry mob from a party mob in New Orelans? We’ll find out soon enough.

Joseph Cao, Louisiana. Gumbo for everyone!

So, now we just have to wait until next summer for the Senate, then the conference committee…

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