GOP Plan for Health Care Reform

The party of Saint Ronnie:

This morning, the House began consideration of the rule for debate of the House health care bill. As the Democratic Women’s Caucus took to the microphone on the House floor to offer their arguments for how the bill would benefit women, House Republicans — led by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) — repeatedly talked over, screamed, and shouted objections. “I object, I object, I object, I object, I object,” Price interjected as Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA) tried to hold the floor.

GOP Gone Wild [Think Progress]

And, because I love you guys, random healthcare/chickenhawk smackdown:


Dingell should have hucked that gavel at them and said, “fuck you people.” You know he wanted to do just that.

@chicago bureau: If Sam Rayburn were Speaker, those morons would be sucking mud from the bottom of the Potomac.

Dodgerblue: Before, or after, the delinquent members serviced Mr. Rayburn?

If Speaker Rayburn said “bend over and spread ’em,” it was buns up.

Why, why the fuck do they interview loudmouths like these two wankers? Why don’t they have the chairs of the schools of public health at Stanford and Harvard? Freak show interviews like this just keep the level of anger up and the level of discourse in the gutter. When shit like this is passed off as public policy journalism, it is worse than being wrong.

You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole Congress is out of order!

What is this? A Few Bad Douchebags?

I blame the Jack Nicholson school of legal scene chewing for all this.

Screw this. I’m watching episodes of Project Runway instead. I have about as good a chance of walking the runway at Fashion Week as I do of getting decent, affordable health insurance.

@chicago bureau: A couple of those guys were from Texas. The best way to shut them up would have been to have Dingell start calling them Clayton Williams.

Tied flies and went fishing today. Did I miss the debates? Damn. Raised a fine pair of wild mountain trout to the dry fly in fishing the cold clear autumn waters of the Pecos River, though.

Maybe I’ll switch my drinking game to every Republican who complains about a lack of bipartisanship.

RML and FCS: You two and the other Stinquers keep me sane. Just by mentioning the eternal verities each day while the so-called Republicans resort to . . . they’re unspeakable

These people are insane, they are evil. This is just the beginning, watch, when the voting begins on the health care bill, they will do something insane, like a walkout, they will have the capital surroundedby their mouth-breathing hordes. The way things are going, this is when the Adkisson brigades will step in and start sniping.

There are two kinds of countries in the world, make that three; functioning democracies, dysfunctional democracies, and tyrannies, dictatorships. Dictatorships actually often do a good job of governing, create a stable society, in which people can pursue their lives and businesses in peace, though they are not free to dissent. Functional democracies are the best form of government, of course. And dysfunctional democracies, bannana republics, and lawless places where the democratic elections take place, but the losers don’t accept the laws and simply revolt, are the worst and are generally shitholes where people fear for their lives every day.

The one single most important precept that is necessary for a democracy to be a functional democracy, is that the losers of the elections accept that they have lost, and accept the working of the system, and commit themselves to working within the system to trying to regain legitimate power.

The republicans long ago gave up any sincere commitment to democracy. It is their sincere belief that only they can legitimately wield power, and they don’t regard democrats as legitimate americans and legitimate voters, and no longer regard the results of elections that democrats win as legitimate. This is not hyperbole, its simple fact.

They are no longer taking part in our constitutional government in good faith. This is insurrection. Plain and simple. They do not adhere to the constitution, they do not respect the laws. They are a lawless mob, intent on making this country a bannana republic. This is, sadly, something that, like the emporer’s new clothes, something it is simply taboo to say and believe as a simple plain fact.

I happen to believe this has been the case since they killed Kennedy, and killed another Kennedy, and killed MLK, and stole the first Reagan election by entering into a treasonous pact with Iran, and then stole two elections for W with outright ballot fraud and voter intimidation campaigns. This is the military industrial complex, Eisenhower was not warning of some distant possibility, he saw it in power, and it has done all these things, installing its puppets, for 50 years now.

We have not been a democracy for probably 60 years.

We have not been a democracy for probably 60 years.

It’s only myth that this has ever been a democracy. It’s been run by the plutocrats since the nation’s inception.

@karen marie: It’s just more blatant and overt now. The illusion of democracy fragments before our very eyes.

My God, there is no GOP any more. There’s just one big tea bagger movement.

History will record with shame that these antics were performed to prevent the American people from having access to affordable health insurance, but not to prevent the President from launching an illegal and costly war against a country that had not attacked the US in any way shape or form.

@Pedonator: No, I don’t think it’s more blatant now. I think it’s that not having seen heads broken in the streets for 40 years, politicians having learned to speak differently, and the populace continually reminded about how exceptional America is (We defeated Hitler! Blacks and whites use the same terlet!), we willingly suspended our disbelief despite the obvious evidence in front of us (Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and II — and don’t forget “local” politics).

The reason it seems more overt is because George W. Bush’s naked ass could not be disguised.

As research shows, Democratic administrations are better for the economy but their policies have limited the rate at which wealth can accrue to individuals. The GOP is the club for people who believe circumspection a towel inhibits their ability to have it all right now.

Democrats cling desperately to their towel to hide their naked self interest, post-Saint-Ronnie Republicans thoroughly enjoy waving their dicks around in the open air, using Jeebus to block the view of those not admitted to the inner circle.

It is the job of the PR agencies media corporations to convince the public that not only are Republicans wearing pants but that they are the most wonderful pants ever! Look! Jeebus!

No, we no more live in a democracy today than we ever did. The illusion has just been more creatively drawn.

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