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Developing story — this update from 2:36 pm:

Orlando police confirmed that a man suspected in a deadly mass shooting in downtown Orlando has been taken into custody.

The suspect, Jason Rodriguez, 40, is a former employee of Reynolds, Smith & Hill, a transportation consulting company. A SWAT team took him into custody at his mother’s house, Orlando Police Chief Val Demings said.

One person is dead and 5 are confirmed shot in the incident, which took place about 11:50 a.m. at Legions Place, an office building near Interstate 4 and Ivanhoe Boulevard. A handgun was used in the attack, police said.

It’s early, so nobody is blaming Obama yet.

(Earlier Sentinel reports placed the toll at two dead, 17 injured.)

Downtown Orlando shooting: 1 dead, 5 injured [Orlando Sentinel]

UPDATED 1:24PM ET: Police have identified the suspected shooter as a former employee, Jason Rodriguez. At a live press conference, a police spokeswoman said the number of victims was fewer than ten but would not confirm any fatalities, and that there was only one reported shooter. The suspect may have left the building, a spokesperson said.

ADD: Anyone order the crapware yet? I’m looking at the coffee cup, maybe the plate holder for my new (used 2001 4wd) truque.

Will the MSM be any more careful on reporting the facts rumors about this incident in light of their disgusting performance yesterday?

Will they exercise more restraint show less interest since this is an office building in Orlando and not an army base, and so does not reflexively raise the Specter of Terror and/or reactionary patriotic hackles?

I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.

@redmanlaw: Post updated — Sentinel still reporting two dead, wounded now 17. I’ll stick with the local rag for now.

@redmanlaw: Bloggie blew his lunch money on a hat. I’ll probably add more crap over the weekend, once I settle on whether I can stand their tees.

@redmanlaw: Looking forward to receiving my plate holder!

@mellbell: I can’t tell whether the displayed mug graphic is misleading, but the template I used showed proper alignment for both sides. So you should get the logo on the front, slogan on the back. If you’re right-handed, anyway.

And while my initial focus is on LogoCrap, I have at least a couple of popular tweets I’ve been saving for the purpose. Eventually I suspect I’ll create new tees/mugs in pairs when inspiration strikes.

Plus I’ll have a special HFA section, in addition to the license plate. But I haven’t devised an HFA logo yet.

@nojo: I’m just impressed you had the restraint to keep the slogan/tagline off the boxers and thong.

@redmanlaw: Latest Sentinel update (and revised post above) agrees with the cops — one dead, five injured. But they’ve only updated the lead — the body of the story still reports bodies found on two floors.

Such is breaking news.

@nojo: I like your snarky description for each piece of swag.

@flippin eck: Would the bunnies fit into the dog-t?

@nojo: When covering the Navajo Nation riots in which two people were killed 20 years ago, I wrote two separate bylined stories the following day for each side’s POV because the accounts were so divergent. I wrote the first day story on a legal pad on the steering wheel of the city desk car and dictated it from a pay phone in Window Rock. Thusly did we roll in bygone days.

ADD: other than catching up on communications for the past three days and acting as a conduit to the media for the New Mexico Wildlife Federation, I’m not getting shit done today. Guess I should start riffling through these papers on my desk and see where I’m at on some stuff.

@flippin eck: I know–I was very proud of him. Temptation must have been enormous.

@SanFranLefty: The boy, Emerson, might…but the tee would be shredded in the struggle to try to put it on either of them, so I’ll never know. Plus, every furball-owner has his or her own Rubicon beyond which is Crazy Cat Lady territory. For me, that boundry is dressing them up.

Add: I hope no one feels I’m being callous by ignoring the subject at hand, but each of these shooting incidents is beyond my comprehension, and two days in a row of it is just immeasurably sad, so I don’t have anything really to add to that discussion.

@flippin eck: I’m with you. What is there, really, to say?

Anybody ever superglue a cut closed?

Final (I think) update, above: shooter in custody.

@Prommie: Don’t doctors do it all the time? Can’t be that difficult.

Hispanic surname? Xenophobic backlash in 3…2…1…

@nojo: You promised we’d have Cannibal Anarchy Bibs, too, remember?

@FlyingChainSaw: Adult AND infant sizes, please. Next person who forces me to go to a baby shower is gonna regret it.

@FlyingChainSaw: Before or after “I.JUST.LOVE.COCK.”?

I seem to recall more mass shootings when I was a little kid, or maybe I’m just desensitzed now.

In the ’80s it seemed like someone marched into a Post Office or a McDonalds weekly and blew everyone away.

I always preferred A&W for that reason–great root beer and no one else ever came in there.

@Prommie: I did once and I do not recommend it at all!

I cut a finger with garden shears, went to my PCP to see if I needed stitches. After charging me $50 for a non-preventive care visit, the doctor — who stood in her office doorway listening as I explained why I was there and that I wasn’t sure whether I could afford to part with said $50 — said, “Sure, you could probably use a couple stitches but I do not have the facilities to do that here.” (WTF?) She suggested I superglue it, so I did.

Within 24 hours I had a nice infection going. It took another 12 hours before I could reopen the wound to get it cleaned out. Needless to say, I didn’t bother going back to my PCP.

If your cut is bad enough to need stitches, put a butterfly on it, but don’t glue it!

As for the shooting in Miami, I’d be surprised if it didn’t start a lot of shrieking about how this kind of thing wouldn’t happen if we had closed borders.


@karen marie: Again, clean it out good first prior to applying adhesive. I would not recommend using a hot glue gun. I’d also agree that if it’s a “Hot Fuzz”- level gardening shears accident, then a real bandage, stitches, or advanced life support as may be needed would be better.

Wait, a non muslin can go on a shooting rampage in America? How unusual…

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