Foreigners’ Love for America Only Proves Their Hatred of Americans


Andrew Sullivan interprets this Gallup map to mean that maybe the bad Muslims out in Saudi Arabia don’t hate us as much as we thought, because they want to be us.   Of the 700 Million people who want to migrate, a quarter would like to end up in America, and another 6% want to go to America Lite, which is Canada.   Of course, Sullivan forgets to consider that perhaps all those people want to move here to murder us.  That’s 175 million more terrorist illegal immigrants we’re going to have to kill.  And we’ll probably do something stupid like go and elect one of them President Barack Obama.

700 Million Worldwide Desire to Migrate Permanently [Gallup]

Why Do They Hate Us (or Maybe They Don’t)? [The Daily Dish]


They’re after our precious bodily fluids…you know… just like we’re after their Oil.

It’s only a matter of time before the helicopters which regularly hover over my ethnically diverse neighborhood morph into Predator drones and start strafing.

They just want to come to America and impregnate the wommin folk, which will ultimately bring us down from the inside!!!11!

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