Blood on Their Hands

Rep. Alan Grayson (D – Outraged) is not backing down. Not only does Congress’ most passionate promoter of health care reform refuse to apologize for calling out obstructionist Republicans who are standing in the way of meaningful reform, but yesterday the Florida Democrat held a “Roll Call of the Dead” to highlight the number of people who are expected to die in each GOP member’s disctrict next year as a direct consequence of a lack of affordable health insurance:

This is the sort of man the Democratic party, and yea… even America herself, needs right now.

(Via: Democratic Underground)

(Update: Huffington Post has the whole, three part speech)


I want to have his ugly angry babies

He should have kicked the Fox News producer to death and pissed on his face.

@FlyingChainSaw: A capital-D Democrat with a spine! Call National Geographic!

This raises my natural “representative government” question: do you suppose voters in his district are also angry Ds? Or have they been taken unawares by this lovely firebrand?

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