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Looks like we're gonna get some mileage from this graphic.Media Matters notices what caught Manchu’s attention this morning. Here’s the AP election preview:

To be sure, it’s easy to overanalyze the results of such a small number of elections in a few places. The results will only offer hints about the national political landscape and clues to the public’s attitudes. And the races certainly won’t predict what will happen in the 2010 midterm elections.

And here’s the AP election wrap-up:

To be sure, each race was as much about local issues as about firing warning shots at the politically powerful. But taken together, the results of the 2009 off-year elections could imperil Obama’s ambitious legislative agenda and point to a challenging environment in midterm elections next year.

To be sure, it’s easy to overanalyze the AP’s coverage, and wonder whether their finger is to the wind, or up their ass.

The AP vs. The AP [Media Matters]

I saw a lady buy a pineapple today at the SupaValu – almost. She picked up the fruit, sniffed and put it down, in what is clearly a repudiation of all that Obama represents and has foisted upon America, now reeling from the savage Marxist assfucking he is inflicting upon its people, white people who he hates and who know he hates them and for whom the pineapple is now the symbol of afrosupremism and islamofascism.

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