S. Brown v. L. van Pelt

Demons and Satan-worship aside, let us not forget what Halloween really is all about.

Litigation.  By six-year-old girls seeking redress for being cheated out of trick-or-treats.

Happy Halloween, lawyers.


“Sally Brown says that Linus van Pelt owes her restitution. But, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, she admitted that she is a fool. ‘What a fool I was.’ She said it that night. Twice. HER OWN WORDS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE JURY. And she threatened to slug Mr. van Pelt that same night, and then grabbed him by the shirt and shook him — violently shook him. Sally Brown is a vindictive, self-absorbed woman, who is now lashing out for her stupidity against a decent, honorable man. Do not reward her. Thank you.”

I bet Orly would take the case. :)

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