Another RedState Tantrum


Erick Erickson shits the bed again:

Today, Earl Pomeroy declared he would be Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog, despite the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office declaring her plan will exceed $1.5 trillion. Oh, they put back in the death panels and abortion funding too. It doesn’t matter to Earl anymore. He is going to support Obamacare and he needs to be painfully reminded that he is betraying his constituents.

I just sent Earl Pomeroy a pile of fake dog poop, only because the post office won’t send the real stuff. He needs a real reminder of what the Democrats are serving up and that he is betraying his constituents and selling out our country.

What’s next, plastic corpses?  Eensey weensey coffins?


Today, Earl Pomeroy declared he would be Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog

can’t possibly be true. thats Barrys job.

I kid of course. in truth I suspect that over the last few weeks Harry, O and Nancy have sometimes felt like Piscine Molitor Patel.

The story follows a young Indian boy who ends up stranded on a boat for 227 days with a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a Bengal tiger.

Ewick doesn’t even have the balls to put a bag of flaming dog shit on Pomeroy’s porch.

I have a very strong feeling that the tantrums are going to increase in size and frequency over the next few weeks.

pass the popcorn.

no doubt he feels some strange kinship with a bag of flaming dog shit.

Because clearly a Democratic congressman from North Dakota is going to be interested in what a bunch of far-right nutjobs from outside his state think.

I’d be more worried if they *stopped* complaining about HCR; that would mean that they’d managed to sneak some sort of nasty provision in.

Bright side: The socialist post office would probably be out of business by now if it weren’t for Erickson’s lametard postal fits.

@Jamie Sommers: If only Amtrak could reap the benfits of Socialism, we might slow the increase in our nation’s shameful and deliberate excrescence of carbon emissions.

But Pony Express uniforms trump those of modern train conductors every time.

Also, where the hell do you get fake dog poop? I really want to know.

@Pedonator: Also: you want dog shit? I got dog shit. I will wrap it and send it you. Uh huh.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m horrified reassured that if it exists, it’s on sale at Amazon. Thank you.

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