Wham, Scam, Thank You, Ma’am

We knew this would come in handy.

You’ll recall, if you didn’t have better things to do, that Team Sarah sent us an email Tuesday pleading for some quick cash so Sarah Palin could read somebody else’s speech for the Iowa Family Policy Center — they were $41,000 shy of their $100,000 goal.

That set off a little, er, stink today, when politically inclined Iowans questioned the wisdom of paying anything at all to a prospective presidential candidate testing the waters:

“If somebody tells me they want me to pay an appearance fee, it tells me they’re not very serious about running for president,” said Ed Failor, Jr., president of Iowans for Tax Relief and an influential GOP insider.

Upon which IFPC said the hundred large wasn’t for Talibunny, but “only to secure a venue, pay for lighting and promote the event.”

Palin’s mouthpiece now says Sarah wouldn’t dream of taking money, not even for travel expenses. And besides, with a sham book to promote, she’s busy:

“We don’t believe she will be able to attend with her tightly scheduled book tour, and the group has been told that through formal and informal channels,” Stapleton says in an e-mail this morning. “However, it appears that some enthusiastic members are willing to try anything to entice the governor as we look at her schedule.”

We won’t bother looking up the references, but Palin has a curious habit of being announced for events she doesn’t attend.

But our real question is this: If Palin doesn’t even plan on showing up, what’s happening with all the money that’s being raised? And how do we get in on the action?

Sarah Palin Charging $100K for Iowa Speech? Not Exactly. [Newsweek]

this gets better and better. I am tempted to link to this over at talkleftish but I have already made you the most hated (well second most next to me) on the intertubes by linking the pumas and cougars to your Palin ravings.
sorry about that.

I guess she wasn’t going to use that for the new seaplane hanger she’s currently building.

Talibunny Grifter strikes out again.

Way to go. Piss off Iowa. Palin 2012!

When Sarah Palin was offered $100,000 to come speak to Iowans she said “thanks, but no thanks” just like when she turned down the money for the bridge to nowhere.

The first comment on the Newsweek article is priceless: some so-called Alaskan kvetching about how there were “50 lawyers” in the state digging for dirt. I’m sure the poster was equally upset about the Republican digging expedition during the Clinton presidency, right?

Isn’t it better for the right-wing nutcases to flush their money down the Palins’ toilet rather than donate to viable candidates?

@Original Andrew: Yes.

She is such a grifter. All this talk of Netflixing obscure movies, I may have to dig up that twisted movie featuring my movie boyfriend John Cusack. Any excuse to see John Cusack…yum!


we’re sharing john cusack too? i love him SO much in the grifters!
but not as much as “must love dogs” YUMMO!

she won’t get disbarred. one can have a psychotic break and fling plates down DC courthouse corridors and not get disbarred…or so i’m told.
the mind is a terrible thing to waste on our criminal justice system.


have you seen “1408” the Stephen King story with Cusack that is making the rounds on cable now?
another pretty good netflix choice for “scary movie” fans.
didnt use the word horror because its really not that. exactly.

@Capt Howdy:
have not seen it! but i will…

i have orly on the brain, now SHE is gunnin for disbarment. but will become even more entertaining, once she’s free of silly little rules of conduct.

@Capt Howdy:

No need to worry; con artists and shysters are America’s endless renewable resource.

@Original Andrew:
but you must admit. few are as intertaining.

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