Moments In Water History

Circa 29 AD — Jesus Christ picks an odd time to go surfing.  Observers are totally stoked by the result.

Circa 1601 — Shakespeare, stuck for a dramatic hook for his new play about otherwise-boring Danes, decides to ice one of them by drowning her.

Circa 1850 — The first breweries in Milwaukee are established, followed soon thereafter by predictable stereotyping of Wisconsinites.

Go ahead.  Drink.  I fucking dare you.Circa now — Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago (and, as you can see, super-cute), tries to sell the world’s purveyors of Sport on Lake Michigan.  He fails, miserably.  He then tries to sell Lake Michigan — full stop.

If the parking meter deal put a bad taste in your mouth, try swallowing this: Chicago is considering leasing its water system to help fix the budget.

The new boss could charge whatever they want for water….

…and I give up.  Dude has sold off the parking meters, and a toll bridge. (Actually, they’re 99-year leases.  But who’s counting?)  He wanted to fork over Midway Airport to a private company, but couldn’t swing the deal.  More than half the money from the sales he did do is already spoken for.  And now our water’s for sale.

Screw it.  Go ahead and raise my taxes.  It’s not like you’re going to lose an election in the next twenty years.  You’re still going to have 90% of the City Council kissing your ass, no matter what happens.  Better an honest tax hike than privatizing water.


Nah, it’s not like some dipshit ultra wealthy (or used to be) Tejan has a plan to pipe Great Lakes Water to Tejas and claim it’s to help Global Warming or anything…

Super-cute? CB, I think going out to the gay bar Friday night is starting to rub off on you!

Oh, you and your ideas of socialized indoor plumbing.

CB, is it really corrupt to the point where someone can’t mount a challenge to Daley from the left?

On a related note, heard Obama talking this morning about smart electricity meters or some such (in between them shutting off the building’s cable to ‘work’ on it). I can’t wait for the wingnut reaction – “he’ll take electricity from Republicans and give it to poor people and ACORN!”

@blogenfreude: And then we’ll all have to get our heating oil from Hugo Chavez.

Oh. Right.

@SanFranLefty: They have indoor plumbing?! Then why does it smell like that?

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