What’s the Matter with Norway?

Norwegian Blues stun easily.

First they award a Peace Prize to some dude who isn’t George W. Bush. Then when we’re not looking, they steal the Monopoly championship from us. And now, this:

Norwegian authorities have arrested a 22-year-old man for smuggling pythons by taping them to his body.

The Norwegian man, who was arrested in Oslo yesterday, smuggled the reptiles in underneath his clothes.

Customs officials became suspicious when the man, who arrived on a passenger ferry from Denmark, was stopped for a spot check.

When they found a tarantula in his bag, they decided to search further.

And that’s when they discovered the 14 baby pythons and 10 albino gecko lizards strapped to his person.

Which brings us to the best photo caption we’ve seen all year: “Real-life ‘trousersnake’.”

Snakes smuggled on a plane: Customs officials catch man with 24 illegal pythons and geckos taped to his body [Daily Mail, via Raw Story]

is that a python in yer pocket or are you just glad to see me?

I knew that damn insurance lizard was a bad influence.

Speaking of trouser snakes, I have a mandatory 3-hour sexual harassment class tomorrow. I took one of these a few years ago. Here’s what I learned:

1. Do not fish off the company dock.

2. Do not mention body parts. Hair is a body part.

3. Do not use the word “perky” under any circumstances.

4. Your work email account is not private.

Based on my experiences with men from that part of the world, they are rather used to carrying around an impressive amount of snake under their clothing.

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