Alan Grayson Will Be Here All Week

Lest you think Grayson is auditioning to open for Al Franken — well, you might be right. Like Senator Al, Grayson is also capable of getting down to business:

“We are trampling on people’s Constitutional rights,” Grayson says near the end of the clip, during a hearing on ACORN. “And I think it’s unfortunate that the mania that exists on the other side of the aisle regarding this one organization, and we know why that mania exists, it’s because they’ve registered an awful lot of Democrats.”

Rep. Alan Grayson Grills Republican Congressman On Constitutionality Of Anti-ACORN Crusade [Think Progress]

Oh, wow. Not the MSNBC AD is now trying to get me to join Scientology. As if. I lived between one of those e-meter store-front operations and a Celebrity Centre, also not far from the Phrenology Museum (or whatever they call it), and I’m here to testify that those folks are more in-your-face annoying than the Mormons.

Ugh. That 1st clip was pathetic. Is he trying to be Michael Musto or something? If he wants his own TV show so badly, perhaps he should audition from outside the House. He’s making the rest of the caucus look bad.

@Jamie Sommers: He’s making the rest of the caucus look bad.

I think that means he’s doing his job.

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