Soupy Sales, 1926-2009

Sixties comedy icons come in threes.

Soupy Sales dies at 83; slapstick comic had hit TV show in 1960s [LAT]

For the young ’uns among us:

The high point of every show came when a sidekick launched a pie into Sales’ face. Sales once estimated that he was hit by more than 25,000 pies in his lifetime.

Now that’s reality TV.

Completely off-topic, here’s the Pub Quiz schedule for Team Stinque, should anyone be planning a, um, business trip to Sandy Eggo.

@nojo: Hmmm. I’d need to take Monday off — driving back to L.A. at night with a snootful of Guinness would not be a good idea.

BTW have you ever had Turbo Dog beer? A local watering hole here in Santa Monica has it and I’ve become quite fond of it.

@nojo: I’ve always wanted to hit someone in the face with a pie. I think it started with some Three Stooges bit where a dinner party turned into a food fight. Who are those folks who hit politicians in the faces with pies? Love it.

@Dodgerblue: Can you get Triumph out there? They have a kick ass IPA. Yay, hops!

Self Centered Nerd Triva TJ!/
Yeah, in related news. In order to keep me from becoming a total recluse working from home, I entered a pub trivia league so I could interact with real human beings on weekdays. I was stuck with two people I didn’t like and I verbally tore one apart when he opened his yap about hating Barry and how the GOP was the greatest party that ever lived (this is in Canada City.) They never came back so I basically played as a team of one for about 4 months (competing against teams of 4,5 6)–team name was No Amigos. Highest I ever got by myself was 4th which wasn’t bad because I suck at music which is 40% of the points and the best I ever got was 17 out of 40 points.

Anyway, I became the league’s best free agent pickup ever as a team recruited me (free beer is an incentive–I’m a cheap one) and we’ve never placed worst than 5th (out of 14 some teams) and ended up 3rd overall this season.

As a tribute to Mr. Sales, I want all of you to go into your mother’s purse and get one of the green pieces of paper with a President’s picture on it and send it to me.

I will post the address later.

I loved watching Soupy Sales when I was a kid. There were always some adult jokes that I wouldn’t understand that would crack up my parents. His pie-throwing was so popular that big stars like Frank Sinatra would ask to be on the show so they could get a pie in the face.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: When you’ve composed yourself, you owe us a story…

ADD: And your link is somewhat dicked up.

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