Schooling a paid shill from the Hudson Institute – isn’t this what we pay our senators to do?


I have newfound respect for his love of Perry Mason.

Why not just use this as an ad instead of well meaning wooden over earnest ones?

Comic timing… works in this environment, too. GO AL!!!!

@Jamie Sommers: The real test will be whether he’s this hot in 5 years, after the freshman shine has rubbed off his office nameplate.

first comment i have made in a while. this is what we’ve been waiting for kids. AL, i never doubted you’d get there.

Al has done his homework. She misunderestimated him.

@baked: I love the staffer sitting behind him doing her darnedest to not smile when he schooled the person testifying.

Can any of you technogeeks explain why this–and other youtube videos–pauses to buffer after every third word, while streaming media from The Daily Show and other sites works fine? It happens in Safari and Firefox, and regardless of whether I play the embedded video or go to youtube. Incredibly frustrating. I’m on a macbook air.
Meanwhile, I’ll go look for a transcript.

@Mistress Cynica: I’ve had this problem before, and it got better when I unplugged the modem for a minute to reboot it.

@Mistress Cynica: Try cleaning out your cache and increasing the size of the cache buffer thingy. You might try adding some RAM too – my gf’s Air is slowing already at 1 yr old.

Ha! Truth hurts, makes cant look like the bullshit it is.

@Serolf Divad: Dude showed a wrestler’s grasp of timing as well. She had him close to the mat, but Al grappled her down then *tapped out*.

Franken may have been practicing his senatorial gravitas in the mirror or trailer, but ~fuck yeah~ he brings it.

@baked: Good to see your brand spanking new Q again.

@Benedick: You know it to be true – Apple gives you as much RAM as they think you need, not what you need. Thinking already of getting more RAM for my 6 mos old mini … no real problems, just to make it smoother and less jumpy.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m maxed out on memory for my MacBook Pro, and I’ll get those stuttering YouTube clips on occasion.

Something like that, my first hunch is always the network — plenty of routers between YouTube and your computer, plenty of points for traffic jams. It could also be your local wifi, depending on how many people are running toasters around you. Could even be the Flash browser plug-in, which has always enjoyed second-class status from Macromedia/Adobe.

But if you’re not having the problem with MSNBC or other clips — which also predominantly use Flash — then I’m back to suspecting the network, or even (gasp!) YouTube’s servers. Lord knows there’s an ocean of data spilling from the Googleplex.

@blogenfreude: I’ve never had a problem with my Macs. I give them cocoa at night and tuck them in and they go fast asleep. Then in the morning they’re all like ‘Whoa, dude!”

I doubled the memory in my iMac and my old PowerBook (memries! light the corners of my mind!) but my Air is fleet and just a tad jittery. Like a pretty lady on Bourbon Street looking to have a good time at Mardi Gras. I do surely love to whip her out in public. The guys are like ‘No way!’ And I’m like’Way!’ And then they all want to like stroke her and I’m like ‘Single unit of aluminium.’ and they’re like ‘Whoa!!’ and I’m like ‘Feel how silky smooth.’ And they’re like…

Wait. Is this like what, sexist? Damn! I hate Steve Jobs (not really. call me)

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