Good Morning, Balloon Boy!

When he wasn’t upchucking, Falcon also told CNN, “We did this for the show.” Some are taking that as proof the whole thing was a hoax, but we’re not confident about his line-reading.

Police to quiz family over ‘balloon boy’ hoax suspicions [AFP/Raw Story]

@Capt Howdy: Wake me up at five-fucking-a.m. to do a remote, and I’d be puking too.

(Actually, I used to get up at five-fuck for a morning-drive classical-music show. But on radio, nobody knows you look like shit.)

@Capt Howdy:

There is, but it only happens when you pick up some tramp at a club and take them home for a little slap-and-tickle. In my experience, at least.

This guy is getting on my last good nerve. He claimed on CNN last night that they didn’t want to be on tv (after Blitzer questioned him about it being a hoax) and now they’re putting that kid on TV again today even though he’s obviously ill.

What a fucktard.

@Jamie Sommers: Dad’s definitely a fame-whore — not just “Wife Swap,” but some other stuff I haven’t yet decided whether to run.

And 5 a.m. local time is the live remote itself — they were probably up at least an hour earlier for setup.

So whether or not it’s a hoax (and Falcon’s answer doesn’t convince me by itself), there is indeed something unpleasant about this.

@JNOV: From Raw Story:

Balloon boy family posted video of fake terror attack on US capitol

The sheriffs are also looking to have another chat with Dad on Saturday. But if you watch that CNN clip (linked in the post), Dad relays Wolf’s question to Falcon, who sounds a little confused (to me) about the context. It may indeed be a hoax, but I just can’t call it on that basis.

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