Hair Club for Douchebags

Hey John Waters, up for another musical?

Having failed in his attempt to escape the country using the cover story of an offshore reality show, Rod Blagojevich has now apparently joined the cast of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. NBC won’t confirm, but Blago was seen on the show’s set.

Bonus Sport Douchebag Extra: Darryl Strawberry!

Bret Michaels, Cyndi Lauper Join Celebrity Apprentice [People]

I think they should get Blaggo together with that whacko family with the balloon yesterday.
they seem made for each other. they believe in extraterrestrials and Blaggo clearly is one. maybe they can get Blaggo to hide in a box someplace.

What is that thing on Trump’s head? Some kind of weave to cover bad implant scars?

1@Capt Howdy: No, but really, what the hell is it? How is it done? Does it come off at night? Does he have them made and brought to him under cover of darkness? Mike Nichols has wigs, eyebrows, etc made every month and sticks em on and you can’t tell. Is this something similar? If so, he should really get a better wigmaker.

you know what. I dont really want to know.

I especially dont want ot know if it come off at night.

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