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  • Waaaah!Alex Lange is among the millions of Americans who can’t get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition: He’s morbidly obese, “in the 99th percentile for height and weight” for people his age. Alex won’t diet, nor will he exercise. Alex is four months old. [Denver Post]
  • Census Bureau screws up new fingerprinting procedures, may have hired temps with criminal records. Congressman Jason Chaffetz spares Michele Bachmann the trouble of pouncing on it. [TPM]
  • Noam Chomsky anthology banned from Guantánamo, as if anybody could read it. [Miami Herald]
  • Happy Indigenous People’s Day! [Daily Lobo]

Re: the Chomsky at Gitmo thing – did anybody else notice this bit in that article?

A military jury convicted Bahlul, 40, of soliciting murder and conspiracy and sentenced him to life in prison in November for creating al Qaeda propaganda. The key evidence was a two-hour video he made by splicing fiery bin Laden speeches with Muslim bloodshed and stock news footage of the aftermath of the October 2000 suicide bombing of the USS Cole off Aden, Yemen.

When can we expect a war-crimes conviction for the yo-yos responsible for Powell’s presentation at the UN? Or Fox News, for that matter. If those don’t count as “soliciting murder”, that term doesn’t mean anything at all.

Hey – the New Mexico Daily Lobo is my old college paper. I was a reporter there and my college band with a couple of other newspaper guys was called Los Daily Lobos. There is an award there named after me for the most hard core staff reporter (usually one with the most stories/scoops and lowest GPA or on academic probation because they’re doing it right and living the life).

Rep. Chaffetz, you could simply tell every person watching Fox to fill out their census form and mail it back. None of the new temporary census employees will come to their door.

All the hiring next spring is for Non Response Follow Up. It’s only for people who don’t mail back their census forms – which explains the “Non Response” in the title. Sending out 1.4 million census takers is astronomically more expensive than collecting data from the forms we receive in the mail.

Save tax dollars and don’t be bothered by a census taker – fill out your form and put it in the mailbox.

My kids were born north of the 95th percentile, and mostly remain that way. My son was twice the size and weight of his Japanese cohorts in the Tokyo clinic where he popped his head out, blinked twice, and never looked back. In Korea, my daughter was half a kilo bigger than the average Korean baby, still in the 90s as far as percentile.

Worried? No, they. are. big. kids, like “Jr. is gonna be as tall as his mom by the age of 11” tall. My wallet suffers when it comes time to fill the trough pantry, but they are perfectly healthy kids.

I love how the “possibly related” box on the page from the Daily Lobo links to an article entitled “Knife-wielding Nixon reported near library”.

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