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Best. Hack. Ever.

If you want an indication of the sad lives geeks live, look no further than the flurry of chatter every time Google fucks with its logo. Yesterday it was a barcode, honoring the 57th anniversary of the original patent — and the 30th anniversary of its appearance in the UK, to pick a round number.

We’d sooner honor George H.W. Bush’s infamous 1992 encounter with a supermarket scanner, but that’s not until February. So instead we’ll take the opportunity to post one of our favorite Mad covers, from April 1978. In retrospect, 60 cents was cheap — today’s cover price is $5.99.

The rise of the barcode [BBC]

Make your own barcode, just like Google [Christian Science Monitor]


I thought the UPC was the sign of the devil, according to Jack Van Impe.

the only mag from that era that I remember possibly more fondly than mad was National Lampoon mag.
I remember a particularly hilarious one which was a take off on a rather embarrassing childrens book published in 1975 (I just looked and some out of print ones are still available on amazon) called Show Me! a picture book of sex for children and parents.
NLs cover and feature article, done in the same artsy black and white [with midgets yet], was called Blow Me! a picture book of sex for children and people who want to have sex with children.
I think I still have it. somewhere.

@Capt Howdy: Long story, but I mangled the NatLamp dog cover some time back. I also vaguely recall NatLamp doing a Chick-style comic book with Jesus pissing on the disciples in the early ’70s. Definitely a golden age of American humor and satire — everyone’s so chickenshit now.

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