Bill O’Reilly to Michele Bachmann:

“See, I’m not getting — to me, you’re a conservative Republican from a Midwestern — upper Midwestern state, who speaks her mind articulately, does her job. Why are they coming after you? I don’t get it.”

We should probably answer with a bullet list, but instead we’ll note something curious about the clip: “Both you and Sarah Palin are good-looking women,” adds LoofahMan. Does Bachmann do the Kitty Harris profile pose just for him?


I seem to remember a lady who got attacked constantly for her stands and she never whined in public about it. She just smiled and made them look like the assholes they are/were. Her name was… Eleanor Roosevelt.

Quit putting yourself on the cross, Michelle.

@ManchuCandidate: Talibunny’s the master of self-crucifixion, of course. And to your point, Palin criticized Swampsow for being a whiner before she saw the advantages of Lady Martyrdom.

Swampsow might be a whiner, but not a quitter (even when she should have.)

Bachmann / O’Reilly Rule 34: DO NOT WANT

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