Stormy Mounts Back-Door Challenge

Hi, Bloggie!A new poll from Louisiana shows Stinque Diaper-Rating Legend David Vitter ahead of his Demrat challenger by 10 points — although Repug opponent Jay Dardenne leads the Demrat by 13 points.

“Some Other Candidate” checks in at about 5 percent, which can only mean Stinque-endorsed family-values champion and adult entertainer Stormy Daniels has her work cut out for her. But we know she’s up to the task of getting down and dirty.

Election 2010: Louisiana Senate [Rasmussen]

Draft Stormy


Did Bloggie pay you off?

/alert: first official time-wasting comment at new gig. And I feel guilty/

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I have a friend who updates FB from the West Wing. She posted a picture of herself and the President’s dog Bo, aka DOTUS, a couple of weeks ago. His water dish and toy were visible in the background.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Bloggie’s trapped in Monitored Cubicle Hell for awhile. Figured I’d send him rations.

If the Louisiana Senate thing doesn’t work out for Stormy I wonder if she would considered relocating to Alaska and running for governor. If an amateur like Sarah Palin could get herself elected then a pro like Stormy should win in a landslide.

speaking only for me,
no interest in Stormys back door.

I can’t fucking believe Vitter is leading. Melancon should have commercials on 24/7 showing a Vitter lookalike in a diaper being kicked and spat on by a crack whore while begging forgiveness for ‘making moo’. The tagline: ‘Your Senator. Your shame.’

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Feel free to slap the boss across the face and let him know you are 100x more productive than the draft animals working for him even when you are taking a shit and texting comments to and, if he really wants to show his appreciation, will go and get you the paper and a fresh cup of coffee.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!:

Fuck them! They’d drop you in a second if they had to and you know it! Waste all the time you can!

@FlyingChainSaw: It’s Louisiana. Shame is a foreign concept to them.

@JNOV: I didn’t run a Grazerhead-size photo of Stormy, did I? No. No, I did not.

@nojo: Fab Headline. Totally sucked me in, big guy.

@redmanlaw: That is the best thing I ever heard. I never heard anything better than that. All our dogs have had names beginning with the letter D. We are like the gay Duggars. The next one is totally DOTUS. Best dog name evah!! The OH is angling for a pug. I told him it’s not gonna happen. But it’s almost worth the crate training to be outside yelling “Dotus! Get your ass back here!!” Speaking of which, our pit-bullish boy is outside barking at deer who taunt him from the other side of the electric fence.


At least he made up for it with shirtless Levi in the next post.

@nojo: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: Ew.

TJ/ Wanna read some lovely racist batshit crazy historically incorrect and ignorant comments about Native Americans? Welcome to Arizona. I’m waiting for my blood pressure to return to normal before I join the fray.

I’m already voting for her, um, even though I don’t live in Louisiana, but, er…what is her platform?

@Pedonator: “Platform”? Maidenform is more like it.

@redmanlaw: In my round of intros, a fairly senior dude working on Latin American issues was actively managing his FB account when we showed up. Our briefing about network access, security etc. included the caveat that while they don’t block access to anything other than webchat and other wormhole providers, they expect us to be adults about non-work related use. I guess that means I just need to block time for “personal information management”.

The guilt derived from the fact that I actually had work to do, contrasted with the last gig which was pure coasting.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Incidental personal use of the computer increases productivity, of course, by keeping the employee relaxed, happy, and mentally alert. I drafted my office’s computer and internet policy with myself in mind.

@Jamie Sommers is an island: Agreed. “Dead girl or live boy” was not a joke. Anyway, the candidate roster for any election here usually goes something like: corrupt, corrupt, crazy, Republican, KKK member. I’ve got a state supreme court election coming up in a few weeks and once again I don’t want to vote for either guy.

Even if they aren’t real, they’re magnificent.

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