Since he came up in the comments:


Didn’t he have a sidekick before Jim Fowler?

@blogenfreude: Jim’s the one I remember (and the go-to punchline of the day), but I think there were others — whether before or after, dunno.

@Dodgerblue: @blogenfreude: If so, said sidekick was no doubt killed by a giant anaconda, and became a snake snack.

@nojo: Wikipedia entry said Jim took over show after Marlin retired, so no one after.

Interesting choice of Wild Kingdom episodes. Checking on this graduate student Janis Carter led me to read about Dr. William Lemmon and his psychology experiments with chimps at the University of Oklahoma. There’s a book Nim Chimpsky that sheds some light on it. It sounds like most of the bad things PETA talks about.

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