Orly the Fink

We need a Carl Stalling soundtrack.Orly Taitz, last seen being repeatedly whacked by the judge in a birther case where she wouldn’t shut the fuck up, is not done mooning Your Honor. She’s asking to “withdraw as counsel” for her client — who already fired her — in order to rat out said client:

In order to defend herself, the undersigned counsel will have to contest and potentially appeal any sanctions order in her own name alone, separately from the Plaintiff, by offering and divulging what would normally constitute inadmissible and privileged attorney-client communications…

Future Orly clients, consider this your only warning: You’re on notice.

New Filing From Birther Taitz: Case Is Now A ‘Quasi-Criminal Prosecution’ Of Me! [TPM]

Update: Orly severed from Plaintiff; neither severed from responsibility; finking not authorized.


Once again, that graphic fulfills all the “Obama as the Road Runner” analogies I’ve been working with.

Can we get an Orly reality show? Please?

Uh, looks like Moos and Squirrel have turned tables on Natasha, er, Orly.

Tune in next time for: “I Have An Idiot For a Lawyer” or “Orly The Lonely”

@ManchuCandidate: Orly The Lonely

Very good. And not just because I’m plowing through Season 2 right now.

Advance notice that she’s gonna ditch the attorney-client privilege? She’s gonna make this way too easy for the CaliBar.

@Jamie bar the door: The complaint from Dodger and me is just writing itself.

She is going to abandon the foundation of the client-attorney relationship so she can give the judge the finger again, sure, OK. At what point will she transgress the conventions of the bar? When she shits in her hand, rubs it all over her face and runs around the courtroom pretending to be an airplane crashing into South Tower? Is it time for a new survey?

TJ: Big drama unfolding here in the Financial District of Ess Eff. Suspicious bomb-like item found on bus at the Transbay Terminal, given last week’s warning of alleged Al-Qaeda plans to put bombs on transit systems, the SFPD is out in force and evacuating nearby businesses (haven’t heard from friend who works across the street). CHP has closed the Financial District exit off of the Bay Bridge.

There are probably at least three news helicopters flying over downtown. Very distracting. My biggest concern is that they’ll collide with one another overhead.

ADD: It took our local rag 30 minutes to break the story, while local TV stations and blogs were breaking it live. Even the San Jose Mercury News had the story before the Chronicle. That’s just sad.

@SanFranLefty: There may be no one left to monitor the police scanner. The Chronicle may just have a few people left to grind wire crap into shape.

@FlyingChainSaw: Excellent.

I have to say, this is making me seriously question her pronouncements on mercury fillings.

@SanFranLefty: It’s striking how quickly one gets used to this kind of thing.

@Benedick: Yes, but she is still spot on about the polio vaccine and aids.

@FlyingChainSaw: For reals. The best is that last week they ran an AP story on something (I forget what) that had happened here in SF. It’s really appalling.

ADD: Lots of drama, no bomb. Helicopters gone. Probably some homeless guy left a cardboard box on the bus.

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