Dueling Douchebags

I post, you decide:




I’ve been waiting for Cap’n Trade to take center stage once the healthcare circus is over. I need some fresh futility.

@blogenfreude: Anyone yammering about a Bipartisan Solution to Environmental Armageddon yet?

@nojo: Haven’t seen it, but sooner or later the Liebertool will open its mouth.

I never thought I’d see the day that a “your mom” quip would not only happen in the Senate, but be relevant to the debate. Kudos to Ms. Stabenow!

Alright. I know Cap’n Andy from Showboat. What show is Cap’n Trade from? It’s not Dreamgirls. Spring(‘s) Awakening?

Advantage Kyl. Both are ill-informed asshats, but he’s got an extra sprinkling of dickishness that Inhofe lacks.

@Benedick says Keep on Fucking that Chicken: Actually, Cap’n Trade is a coal-flavored children’s cereal.

@blogenfreude: Well, if you look at their entire body of work, sure, who’s to say which is douchier?

@nojo: Yes. We’re all going to die. Shall we order some nachos?

@mellbell: I think I get your drift … sort of like if you look at Kenny G’s oeuvre – he’s clearly mind-bendingly awful. Neil Diamond, on the other hand, gave us Sweet Caroline but every other song he did sucked.

@nojo: @blogenfreude: Coincidentally, I turned C-SPAN on this afternoon for the sole reason of catching some gripping live action debate of health care reform, when I got an earful of this King dude. He’s a real dullard, which means I can perfectly well see how Steele would call him a “rising star”.

Oh, and it worked perfectly. Inside of ten minutes I was fast asleep, last mid-afternoon, mid-week nap for awhile!

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: You missed the memo? Oops. The Big Public Option Showdown was moved to Tuesday.

@redmanlaw: Might as well do it right and use the squirt cheese.

Anybody around here in Boehner’s district? Someone needs to shove this in his orange face.

@nojo: Wolf Brand over tortilla chips, with grated Tillamook extra sharp cheddar, green chili and japalenos to taste, sour cream on the side for those so inclined if you’re making them at home. That should do it for the Oregon-USC game tomorrow. Texas Tech is on TV Saturday night. The Big Game Between New Mexico’s In State Rivals is also tomorrow. I predict both teams will find a way to lose.

@redmanlaw: That’s one item off my list for the Stinque Tailgate. Who’s got the jello and potato salad?

@redmanlaw: Poured into a bag of Frito’s so you can have Frito-pie, right? Anyone who has spent a fall football season in Texas has likely had Frito-pie.

Go Ducks!!

ADD: Oh, and Kyl wins by a douchenozzle. Stabenow’s the bomb.

Kyl probably needs a maternity policy more than I do, considering how often he gives birth to 10 lbs of ignorant, whiny-ass bullshit.

@nojo: Downside of switching off cable. Still haven’t scheduled my day around News Hour, and the interwebs, they are sooo distracting.

This gives me the shivers…Trooper Trosper shore wouldn’t want to go out on a limb or anything, now would he? Putting the triple K in Klassy.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I want to be really careful with this one — “fed” could mean revenuers as much as tyrants, and there’s been the suggestion that nontaxable cash crops are grown in those hills.

As far as Trooper’s reticence: SOP to remain tight-lipped about an ongoing investigation. Sometimes it regards evidence only the murderers would know.

@mellbell: Inhofe is way more dickish than douchey. He’s the only representative I’ve ever written to about an issue who had his staff send back anything other than the form”thank you for your comments yadda yadda BS.” His office sends out letters that tell you how wrong and ignorant you are, and in quite a rude tone.

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