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Talk to me.See, we actually liked the Muppets on SNL. It’s not that they were funny — that would be a stretch — but that they were weird. So much of SNL was like that, until they built up a tolerance for the drugs. And then it became an institution.

All of which means it’s another slow news day, so have a link dump.

  • Frontal Lobotomy. Health insurers are like beer companies, says Karl Rove. True — both give you hangovers.
  • The Road to Idiocracy. Steve King (R-Cornhole) says gay marriage leads to socialism.
  • Out Standing In Their Field. Fairbanks newspaper apologizes to Talibunny for “A broad in Asia”.
  • Lunartown. Water discovered on Moon; Southern California immediately acts to divert it.

The Road to Idiocracy

we know who the female lead will be dont we?

Carrie Prejean’s Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume

@Capt Howdy: Which leaves DeLay and who else to do the dance numbers?

I loved those muppets. Why would you cancel that? It was genius.

Of course, I was, like, 8.

may I just say:

Najibullah Zazi

I just like saying it.

Democrats in Senate gut healthcare reform bill, out of fear powerless minority GOP will gut healthcare reform bill. GOP leaders shit in their hands, throw poop at gutted Bill, shrieking “socialism, fascism, communism, marxism, europeanism, gay marriage, gay marriage.”

@Prommie: I’m trying to hold my breath until it reaches the conference committee. We won’t really know how much we’re being sold out until then.

@Capt Howdy: Cool, my congresswoman finally grew a set!

Hey, I just managed to clear the pepper spray and tear gas from my eyes, what else has been going on today?

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