Douchebag of the Day

Jim “Waterloo” DeMint:


I am shittin’ in my britches, Tom Delay remains on DWTS.
Oh yeah, and fuck Jim DeMented.

Who was the preznit who pretty much let Bin Laden go at Tora Bora?

Who was the preznit who kept the Ranger Regiment and the 5th Special Forces Group out of Afghanistan?

Who was the preznit who diverted most of US Americun boom-boom power to a country that had nothing to do with 9/11?

I can’t remember who. Some guy named preznit bunnypants that DeMint (R-CSA SC) wholeheartedly supported.

Shorter: IOKIYAR

@ManchuCandidate: Same one who refused to commit military forces to shutting down the drug transit into Pakistan. No, not the poppy growing, they’ll never do that, but the huge money making endeavor with which the Talibannies have created the largest narco ring on the planet.

Oh and sorry, but I’ve missed a couple of posts and threads and well, don’t know what in the hell IOKIYAR means. Does this mean the cool kids have moved on without me? Dang.

Hmm, today’s big picture update: Runaway glacial melt in Greenland and Antarctica, Tom Delay on Dancing with the Stars, slight uptick in economic implosion overshadowed, despite all cheerleading, by fact that unemployment will continue to rise, foreclosures will continue to rise, making current situation resemble 1930-31. Madonna snubs Lindsay Lohan, fails to invite her to latest party. Swine flu rates, as of today, higher than the rates during a typical bad winter flu during peak season, usually in January-February. One Day at a Time star claims to have had 10 year incestuous relationship with dad, Poppa John Phillips, which, as bad as it is, is nothing compared to the family life of those Pheonix boys, which is little remarked on. Complete meltdown and ensuing power vacuum in republican party leaves insane yahoos in control of one of the two parties in the US “Two Party System,” and media takes insane yahoos seriously, because, well, its a two party system, they are whats left of one of the parties, therefore, they are part of the system.

What am I forgetting?

When you add it all up, we need a bigger boat, to paraphrase a great line from Jaws.

Runner up for Douchebag of the Day:

GOP Rep: Same Sex Marriage Is Part Of Push For Socialist Society

Next week, he plans on exposing the secret conspiracy to build landing strips for gay Martians. Evidence here. (also available on iTunes)

And the second runner-up:

Traficant: If I Was Elected, I’d Kick The IRS In The Crotch ‘Real Good’

Jim Traficant: proof that you don’t need an (R) after your name to be an idiot teabagger, you just need a complete lack of ethics and the moral sense of pond scum.

@al2o3cr: Of course – when I see gay guys in Chelsea it makes me want to open a few gulags and go at it.

@blogenfreude: It’s those fucking little French bulldogs. Put them in the fucking gulag.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I’ve missed a couple of posts and threads and well, don’t know what in the hell IOKIYAR means.

She’s the chick who broke up the Beatles.

@Promnight: “We’re still fucked. Good night and good luck.”

DeMint calls for overwhelming force in Afghanistan. Maybe he’s thinking shock and awe. That always turns out good.

@Promnight: A bigger boat? Is it time to start thinking about the Ark again? (Was it ever time to abandon the idea?)

@nojo: I thought Michael Jackson was the chick who broke up the Beatles.

@Dodgerblue: Saw that. Good job by all. Sometimes the good guys and gals win.

@Pedonator: It’s Westmoreland all over again. I feel sick.

@Mistress Cynica: The parallels are uncanny and, yes, nauseating. We must remember that Obama campaigned on a stronger position in Afghanistan, even if some of us hoped that was just to glamor the masses with his nat-sec nut sack.

Somehow I think we’ll be long out of Iraq (except for vast semi-permanent bases with Burger Kings and bowling alleys) before we even begin to understand what a clusterfuck we got ourselves into with the invasion of Afghanistan Eurasia.

@Pedonator: No, Michael Jackson broke up Wings.

@Dodgerblue: Oh wow. Good story.

@Dodgerblue: Am just a little peeved with the environment today.

75,000 tonnes of topsoil per hour (so, from 4:30am when the wind woke me to about 1pm when it started to clear, is a lot of dirt) left Australia for New Zealand and parts east yesterday.

Although I got my fair share up my nose. I still have orange snot 24 hours later. Who do I sue? Monsanto? The Aust Government for encouraging land clearing?

@Pedonator: We have always been at war with Eurasia, and our chocolate ration has been increased to 50gms….

@CheapBoy: Does this mean we’ll get a bunch of redneck Aussies heading in convoys to California?

@Jamie bar the door: What about Kinky? Isn’t he running again?

@nojo: We don’t get red-necks, because we Slip,Slop, Slap when spring/summer comes.

Slip on shirt, slop on some sunscreen, and slap on a hat. (Nothing to do kinky sex Benedick.)

But the phlegm… Well that’s a different matter.

@CheapBoy: You ever see the maps of deforestation post colonization? Stunning. Sue for trees. Lots of them. Planted everywhere, every day.

@CheapBoy: You could watch The Grapes of Wrath. Henry Fonda’s speech at the end still gives me chills.

@Dodgerblue: “You’ll see me?” You can hear great dramatic readings of same in The Ghost of Tom Joad, by Rage Against the Machine and Springsteen.

@CheapBoy: The pictures I saw were unbelievable. It must be absolute hell to deal with.

@CheapBoy: And tractor production is up three-hundred percent for the year.

@Mistress Cynica: For anyone who hasn’t seen them yet, here is a good selection of pictures.

@redmanlaw: If you click through to the Big Picture link, they’ve got pix of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, barely visible from The Rocks and, be still my hear, Luna Park!

things are getting weird down under:

Killer rabbits attack snakes


whats next? dogs and cats living together?

@Capt Howdy, FCS, MB, etc: The Australian drought is about three or four years old now, isn’t it? I recall that they have had severe restrictions on personal water use for some time now.

Also: Australian wine grape production hit hard by drought:

hopefully they can hold out long enough to get the flood cycle Atlanta is now getting. the southeast had been in a serious drought for years I guess until the last couple of weeks with the, you know, floods.

but dont say climate change.

@redmanlaw: Older. Some places more like twelve. There are children who’ve never seen rain. Or Celine Dion.

No, because then you would demand reparations.

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